Call Control

How to add and manage this robo-caller prevention mobility feature.

What is Call Control?

  • Call Control is a free optional feature

  • The feature automatically screens robo-callers and prevents them from bothering you

  • When phoning you for the first time, a caller is prompted to enter a number

  • If the caller enters it successfully, they are not prompted again (provided they are one of your 25 most recent callers) and the call goes through

  • If they fail, they hear an automatic message stating that they were prevented from reaching you

  • The feature enables you to create an Accepted list of numbers that won’t be prompted.  You should add to this list any important callers who may be using auto-dialing (such as school offices, doctors’ offices, libraries) or have difficulty following the prompts. If applicable, you should also add your home intercom’s caller ID to this list

What is Call Control Premium?

For 3$ per month, Call Control Premium offers exclusive features:

  • Viewing your last 100 calls anytime through the call log available on your My TELUS portal

  • Adding up to 100 numbers each to your Accepted list and Blocked list

  • After passing the Call Control challenge, your 100 most recent callers won’t be challenged again

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