Troubleshoot problems with your phone battery

Tips for extending the charge on your device's battery

There are many factors that drain a device's battery. The applications used, the environment, the way a device is charged, and the device settings all impact your devices battery performance. Below are some tips to help your battery last longer.

How to improve battery performance


Remove unused appsDelete unnecessary or unused apps to free up space.
Close running appsSome social media apps (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.) run in the background and are able to update themselves automatically. This uses data and drains the battery. To ensure this does not happen, always close the apps to save battery life.
Check for app updatesApp developers often release updates to their apps to provide enhancements and optimization improvements that may fix the freezing problem.
Default device settings are to automatically check for updates, if the customer has altered these settings to aid in lowering battery consumption, manually check their device’s app store for any app updates.
Turn off auto updates of appsDisable automatic updates.
Reduce auto cloud backupTurn off automatic updating in cloud storage apps such as Dropbox and iCloud.
Clean slate - factory reset (back-up options)If the battery is still underperforming consider doing a factory reset to restore the device’s original settings and apps. This puts the device back to the originally recommended settings and removes any problematic apps that may be causing the poor battery performance.
When ready, try reinstalling each app one at a time. After each installation, test the device to determine if the latest installed app is causing any problems before installing the next one.
Important: It is highly recommended to back-up all the personal data/content before performing a factory reset as any unsaved content will be deleted.

Have an embedded SIM (eSIM) phone?
During a factory reset, you will be given the option to erase any eSIM download from the phone. This is not required to perform the factory reset.
Note: TELUS and its subsidiaries (“TELUS”) are not responsible for loss of carrier service as a result of an eSIM download wipe performed during a factory reset. If your phone’s eSIM line is active, you are responsible for obtaining and downloading a new eSIM card from your eSIM carrier. You may be responsible for any charges that the carrier may apply for a replacement eSIM card.
Note: Wiping the eSIM download from the phone does not deactivate the rate plan.
App notificationsDisable app notifications for non-essential apps.

Battery and charging components

Obvious battery defectsIf the battery exhibits the following defects or is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
- The battery is swollen
- Damages like cracks, leaks, etc.
- The device is turning off when the battery is showing over a 20% charge
Battery contacts and ports Are the metal battery contacts damaged, dirty or covered in any way?
- If yes, clean the contacts or replace the battery

Can the device charge using another USB cable and wall charger?
- If yes, something is likely wrong with the initial cable or wall charger
- If no, the USB port may be damaged or defective. Check for physical or liquid damage
Battery ageIs the battery over 1 year old? If yes, it may be time to replace the battery, since most batteries are designed for 300-500 full charges (from 0%-100%).
OverchargingIt is recommended to avoid a battery charging for more than 24 hours at a time.

Environmental factors

Poor network reception Areas with poor cell phone signal can cause the battery to drain very quickly (i.e. working underground, or in remote areas). In these areas, turn the device off or put it into Airplane Mode to conserve battery life.
While in Airplane Mode, no calls can be made or received, remember to turn off of airplane mode when back to regular areas.


Adjust frequency of email/ notification updatesChange email and notification updates to longer intervals or set to manual to save power. Check the sync frequency for all of the apps, since this tip applies to many other types of applications, not just emails.
Turn off wireless connectionsTurn off extra connections when not needed (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC).
Adjust screen settings Screen brightness:
- Lower the screen brightness
- Set the brightness to auto
Screen timeout:
- Reduce the idle time required for the screen to timeout
- Remove widgets that update on their own from the home screens (e.g. weather, newsfeeds, social media, etc.)
Stop using animated backgrounds:
- Change to a picture background without animations.

Battery Savers

Turn on battery saving settings (if supported) Turn on battery saving settings (if the device supports them) to help extend the battery life.

Software Versions

Update to the latest software version Keeping the smartphone on the latest software version is a good way to take advantage of system enhancements and fixes that can improve device performance and battery life.

Power Enhancement Accessories

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