Approving a My TELUS member profile access

On this page, the account manager can learn how to grant access to new users.

To approve access, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your My TELUS
  2. Select My Profile
  3. Under My Accounts, select Add, remove or manage subscribers
  4. On the insert featuring all pending access requests, select Set Up Access on the requests you wish to approve, as seen below:
  5. Assign a role to the user, as seen below. This will control the user's range of privileges on the account. Learn more about user privileges
  6. Assign phone numbers
    Note: It is optional to assign a phone number to a manager. However, it is mandatory to assign at least one phone to a member, as this determines what phone(s) the member will be able to access on My TELUS.
  7. Select Confirm Access or Decline Access, as seen below:

Note: If you would like to cancel an account or service, please contact us.

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