How to change your rate plan

Learn how to change your rate plan easily from the My TELUS portal. No waiting on the phone. See all your available plans easily by following the steps below.

Note: Changing your rate plan online only lets you upgrade your plan*. To downgrade the plan, please contact us

*Certain conditions apply.

  1. Log into your My TELUS profile using your username and password OR the login link

  2. Select the Mobility Plans & Devices tab

  1. If there is more than one account on the profile, you will be prompted to select which you want to make changes to:
  1. Select the Subscriber for whom you want to apply changes
  1. Select the appropriate option based on what you wish to do:
  • Change your plan
  1. You will only be able to view plans that are available to you without paying fees, according to how far into your contract your device is

Note: If you do not see the plans that you wanted, such as promotional plans, it is possible your account is not yet eligible for them. You may incur fees when changing this. Please contact us for more details.

  1. Click on Continue to add-ons to proceed with the plan change
  1. View your current add-ons and select from the available options to purchase new add-ons, or you may remove your current add-ons. Use the tabs shown below to navigate the various types of options available
  1. Select Continue to Review to review the final details of the changes before making them final
  1. Review the summary and select Confirm changes
  1. Wait for the confirmation that your transaction was successful. You will also receive a confirmation email
  1. If you scroll down, you wil see a handy overview of what to expect on your next bill.

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