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From health and wellness, to community and social responsibility, this podcast shares stories, busts myths and delivers practical tips to Canadians when they need it most.
Join veteran broadcaster Tamara Taggart as she hosts a new episode every Tuesday.

Season eleven

Living with a misunderstood disorder: Miranda Newman
When Miranda Newman was growing up, her mother didn’t know if Miranda needed ‘a psychologist or an exorcist.’ It took years for Miranda to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder - an explanation for the complicated way she moved through the world. Miranda discusses her experiences navigating the Canadian mental healthcare system, her work breaking the stigma around her diagnosis and her new memoir Rough Magic: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Host Tamara Taggart

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Tamara Taggart is a community leader, activist, veteran broadcaster, cancer survivor, mother, and former candidate in the 2019 Canadian election. She has over 30 years of broadcasting experience that spans across television, radio and digital media. She’s also an avid volunteer, having focused two decades’ of efforts to causes close to her heart.
Now, she brings her extensive broadcasting experience and passion for people to the role of host for the TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart podcast.

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Season ten

Navigating life as a transracial adoptee: Harrison Mooney
As a Black child adopted at birth by a white family, Harrison Mooney grew up with a desire for belonging and looked for cultural connection. His memoir, Invisible Boy, explores his experience as...

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Breaking through business barriers: Geena Jackson
“The commonality between Indigenous entrepreneurs is we've all got a history that is relatable,” says Geena Jackson. Geena is the creator of Bears’ Lair, a new reality show on APTN...
When the overdose crisis hits home: Tara McGuire
Tara McGuire, author of Holden, After and Before, experienced every parent’s nightmare when her 21-year-old son, Holden, died of an overdose in 2015. She shares how she wrestled with guilt, how she...
Turning climate change anxiety into action: Dr. Britt Wray
From catastrophic flooding and deadly wildfires to life-threatening heat domes and crop failures, the effects of climate change are being felt around the globe. And, as Dr. Britt Wray, author of...
Elite athletes and mental health: Corey Hirsch & Dr. McIntosh
As the World Juniors approaches, the mental well-being of elite athletes is in the spotlight. In this episode, Corey Hirsch, Olympic Silver Medalist and former NHL goalie, tells his mental illness story...
Confronting the legacy of residential schools: Carey Newman
The son of a residential school survivor, artist and master carver Carey Newman has spent the past decade working on The Witness Blanket, an art installation created with artifacts gathered from Indigenous communities across the country...
Make your own magic hour: Karma Brown
Some days it feels impossible to fit everything into 24 hours, but award-winning novelist, journalist and mother Karma Brown believes most of us can find one hour that’s just for us. She joins Tamara to discuss...
From the Ashes: Jesse Thistle
Through his extraordinary, best-selling memoir, From the Ashes, Métis-Cree-Scot author, Jesse Thistle, chronicles his life on the streets and how he overcame trauma and addiction. The former high school dropout turned Indigenous scholar ...
Finding the high notes: Ambur Braid
Soprano Ambur Braid wants you to remember how music can take you to a better place when everything feels terrible. Tamara talks to Ambur about her small town roots and why opera should be in our pandemic self-care kit.
The new economic normal: Perrin Beatty
COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the global economy. Everyone is feeling the effects - from families, to small businesses, to big companies. The Honourable Perrin Beatty is CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce ...