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From health and wellness, to community and social responsibility, this podcast shares stories, busts myths and delivers practical tips to Canadians when they need it most.

Join veteran broadcaster Tamara Taggart as she hosts a new episode every Tuesday.

Episode 115

Turning climate change anxiety into action: Dr. Britt Wray

From catastrophic flooding and deadly wildfires to life-threatening heat domes and crop failures, the effects of climate change are being felt around the globe. And, as Dr. Britt Wray, author of Generation Dread, tells Tamara, it’s taking a toll on our mental health. In this week’s discussion, the postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shares insights on shedding the doom and overcoming eco-anxiety – and why our planet’s future depends on it.

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Episode 114

Art, law and advocacy: Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson

Born and raised in Haida Gwaii, Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson is many things: a member of the Raven Clan from the Haida Nation, an award-winning singer, a prominent environmental lawyer and ...

Episode 113

Standing up to end violence against women: David Stevenson

An unexpected conversation about standing up against violence can lead to more awareness. On today’s episode, Tamara meets David Stevenson, the CEO of the Moose Hide Campaign. The ...

Episode 112

The millennial money expert: Jessica Moorhouse

When Jessica Moorhouse graduated in the midst of a recession armed with a BFA in Film Studies, she realized she was in dire need of money management skills. Fast-forward 13 years, and today she’s an accredited financial counsellor, ...


Meet your host

Tamara Taggart is a community leader, activist, veteran broadcaster, cancer survivor, mother, and former candidate in the 2019 Canadian election. She has over 30 years of broadcasting experience that spans across television, radio and digital media. She’s also an avid volunteer, having focused two decades’ of efforts to causes close to her heart.

Now, she brings her extensive broadcasting experience and passion for people to the role of host for the TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart podcast.


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