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TELUS About Logo

Taking action

Transforming healthcare

Technology can help transform healthcare for all Canadians. It can improve health outcomes by connecting doctors, other health practitioners and patients. It can also use data to make prevention and wellness more accessible to everyone.

We are committed to enabling a new standard of healthcare in Canada. Along with policy makers, health advocates, administrators, clinicians and health tech innovators, TELUS is determined to achieve a higher standard of care that is safer, more accessible and better attuned to patient needs.

As consumer demand for digital healthcare increases significantly, Canada’s healthcare journey needs to move beyond incremental improvements. The five health foundations identified below are designed to support and sustain a truly integrated healthcare ecosystem that is more efficient for clinicians, and safer and more personalized for patients.

1. Enable secure and convenient electronic communication among a patient's care team, including primary care providers, specialists, pharmacists and patients themselves.

2. Tackle medication management challenges by removing silos between prescribing physicians, pharmacists, insurers and patients. This can be accomplished by automating complex workflows and providing all members of the care team with access to a complete medication profile.

3. Create mechanisms for patients to interact as fully engaged partners with the healthcare system. This includes access to health records, the ability to contribute to those records, channels to communicate virtually with clinical providers, and tools to book appointments online.

4. Bridge gaps between community and acute care settings so that patients receive treatment in the most appropriate place, reducing the demand for acute care and ensuring the patient data is available to support continuity of care.

5. Drive improved outcomes by equipping self-regulating clinical professions with performance information. When every physician has access to tools that make it easy to deploy clinical evidence in their practice, supported by real-time information on how they measure up against best practices, quality of care will advance.