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Taking action

Protecting our planet

At TELUS, we strongly believe we have a responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. We care for the planet by:

  • Addressing the impacts of climate change through adaptation, mitigation and innovation strategies
  • Using materials and resources responsibly
  • Protecting our natural environment
  • Committing to conservation and sustainable practices

Each year, as our customer base grows so does the demand on our networks and the energy required to power them. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve absolute energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions year over year.

Our climate change targets are:

  • 10 per cent absolute energy reduction from our 2010 consumption by 2020
  • 25 per cent GHG emissions reduction from our 2010 levels by 2020

Through the end of 2017, we are using 4.4 per cent less energy than we did in 2010, despite significant business growth. This is thanks to our energy management program and real estate efficiency initiatives. We have also reduced our GHG emissions by 19 per cent over the same period.

Creating an environmentally-friendly future

Guided by our Environmental Policy, we are focused on creating an environmentally friendly future by working together across our organization to:

  • Monitor, measure and ultimately reduce our overall GHG emissions
  • Reduce our energy intensity as we grow our customer base
  • Minimize spills and halocarbon releases
  • Enhance our Environmental Management System
  • Use sustainable and LEED construction methods to build more eco-friendly data centres and offices

Here are a few ways we are doing this:

  • Switching from traditional print paper to sugar cane-based paper, and continuing our successful 10 per cent year-over-year (since 2008) reduction in paper purchases
  • Enhancing our water management and waste management strategies, including a goal to increase our current 83 per cent waste diversion rate to 90 per cent by 2020
  • Using our communications technology, such as messaging, telephone and video conferencing, to move ideas and information instead of people to contribute to a $40 million reduction in corporate travel costs and associated GHG emissions since 2007

Changing how and where we work

We are also are consolidating our corporate real estate holdings across Canada. Between 2009 and 2017, we reduced our real estate square footage by almost two million square feet. Not only has this resulted in GHG reductions, but also reduced annual lease costs of $50 million. We are putting these savings back into our business, including new energy-efficient and sustainable LEED-certified buildings that incorporate world-leading technology and feature contemporary work styles.

Our Work Styles™ initiative enables team members to increase their effectiveness while reducing our overall environmental footprint. Through Work Styles™, we are:

  • Creating value for our team members by supporting a flexible work environment
  • Supporting the consolidation and reduction of floor space
  • Reducing our environmental footprint through decreased GHG emissions

At the end of 2017, almost 70 per cent of eligible team members worked outside TELUS offices at least part of the week. We are also focused on promoting a healthier natural environment, where we inspire and celebrate support for animals and their habitats. That’s how we can ensure sustainable communities for future generations.

Ways we help the planet

  • Over $2 million given in support for environmental work in 2016
  • Since 2000, TELUS, our team members and retirees have contributed over $15 million to fund environmental work
  • In 2016, through our Team TELUS Charitable Giving program, TELUS, our team members and retirees contributed over $400,000 to charitable organizations that support environmental causes
  • $679,215 in TELUS Community Boards funding, of which 12 per cent supports environmental initiatives
  • 245,930 phones and other electronic devices recycled or upcycled by TELUS customers
  • $165,094 given to help plant and nurture 8,475 trees across Canada in 2016/17, bringing our total to 535,940 trees planted and maintained through our Tree Canada partnership