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TELUS About Logo
TELUS About Logo

Stakeholder engagement

Solving technology challenges

TELUS is building a shared competitive advantage by bringing together cutting-edge research, investment and talent to advance business-led innovation. That’s why in 2017 alone, we invested $240 million in research and development.

Our aim is to address industrial challenges and boost productivity, performance and competitiveness. To do this, we work with tech sector start-ups, post-secondary institutions and industry partners to commercialize solutions that address some of today’s biggest technology challenges facing Canada and the world.

Together, we leverage the capability of world-leading broadband telecommunications networks to produce innovations and learnings across diverse sectors, such as:

  • Connectivity
  • Internet of things
  • Machine-to-machine learning
  • Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data management and data analytics
  • Quantum computing
  • Augmented reality
  • Healthcare treatments via precision health analytics

These will benefit all Canadians, and people in countries around the world, and position Canada as a global innovation leader.