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TELUS About Logo
TELUS About Logo

Social purpose

What's our approach?

We believe in the harmonious relationship between our company, our team and the health and prosperity of our communities. This informs our balanced approach to sustainable development, focusing on:

Health: Empowering better health knowledge, management and outcomes.

Environment: Addressing climate change and improving resource productivity.

Education: Providing opportunities for our future leaders.

Community: Fostering more inclusive and equitable communities.

This approach lets us connect customers with the information and people that matter most, while demonstrating our commitment to respecting individual privacy and maintaining transparency around how we handle data.

Our sustainable customer offerings and solutions advance our own, and our stakeholders’, sustainability goals, by:

  • Enabling improved health outcomes
  • Promoting and implementing environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Keeping citizens safe and secure online
  • Building stronger, more caring communities by giving where we live and bridging socio-economic and geographical digital divides

Our engaged, diverse and inclusive team drives our sustainability performance, supported by strong sustainability governance and culture, committed leadership, and long-term goals. Ongoing engagement with stakeholders ensures we stay accountable for the sustainability of our operations throughout everything we do.