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Sharing our progress

Transparency reporting

There is an ongoing global discussion around the collection and handling of personal information by government organizations and law enforcement. Accurate information about the nature and volume of personal information requests by law enforcement to private companies helps inform this discussion.

At TELUS, we believe this important discussion is directly tied to critical social outcomes. In our transparency report, we provide insight into our approach for responding to such requests as well as the volume and types of requests. We are proud of our record of openly sharing with our customers the details about how we respectfully handle and secure their data.

We respect our customers’ privacy and take great care to safeguard personal information. As part of our ongoing commitment to putting customers first, we have a long-standing policy of protecting privacy in all of our business operations and of being transparent in our data-handling practices. As a national telecommunications company, we routinely receive requests for information about our customers from law enforcement agencies and other government organizations. Please see page 76 of our Sustainability Report for our full transparency disclosure.