Indigenous relations

TELUS has a deep respect for Indigenous Peoples, their rights and cultures.

We are fully committed to building authentic relationships with Indigenous governments and organizations to create opportunity and support the processes of decolonization and reconciliation.

We are passionate about the work we are doing with Indigenous communities and embrace the experience and opportunity to learn from their culture, governance and connection to the land. Our partnerships with Indigenous governments and organizations are supporting transformative change within First Nations and Indigenous communities through new infrastructure, innovation, technologies and services.

TELUS collaborates with Indigenous partners and clients throughout the development, design and implementation of projects and initiatives impacting Indigenous Peoples and lands. In this way, we seek to carry out activities in a mindful, adaptive and culturally appropriate manner to ensure outcomes that support environmental sustainability and long-term social and economic development.

We actively seek out opportunities and partners to carry out initiatives that align with the goals and objectives of Indigenous governments. This involves bridging divides in connectivity and improving access to healthcare, education and economic development as well as supporting self-governance, treaty and reconciliation processes.

In 2018, these initiatives included:

  • Projects in urban, rural and remote Indigenous communities, such as providing broadband for new First Nation Internet Service Providers
  • Fibre connections to Indigenous schools, administrative offices and healthcare centres
  • New and enhanced community cellular coverage
  • Collaborative infrastructure upgrade projects delivering fibre to homes and businesses throughout the community.

TELUS also supports our Indigenous team member resource group, EAGLES, which was created to engage, inspire and support Indigenous team members and allies. We draw on the knowledge and experience of this group to educate and inform our engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

TELUS will continue to learn from its positive experiences working alongside Indigenous Peoples and organizations. Together, we are building best practices in community engagement and the provisioning of services that are constructive in supporting the goals of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.