Connectivity In British Columbia - Indigenous Communities

TELUS collaborated with Iljuuwaas (Tyson Brown) on the intent, context and manner of the art used within this document. To learn more about our partnership please click here.

Enabling remarkable outcomes

We view network excellence and innovation as the backbone that fuels the execution of our social purpose – enabling transformative change through connectivity and greater access to the technologies that support better social, economic, environmental and health outcomes for generations to come. In our dynamic digital society, advanced broadband networks are crucial to supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. By the end of 2019, we expect to connect 46 Indigenous communities to TELUS PureFibre, including 12 in collaboration with Pathways to Technology, equipping communities with the capacity and speeds necessary to support continued creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship on their lands.

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Community stories

Get to know Witset First Nation, Haisla Nation and Peters Indian Band

Indigenous governments are using TELUS PureFibre to support the delivery of social services and nation building activities including, virtual health care, online education programs, cultural preservation and economic development. TELUS is committed to supporting Indigenous communities in their success by being at the forefront of technology and innovation leadership to enable better economic, social and sustainability outcomes.

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Indigenous connectivity: Our highlights

2013 through end of 2019


Indigenous communities connected to TELUS PureFibre


Homes, businesses and community hubs connected to TELUS PureFibre


People now have access to the TELUS PureFibre network and enhanced wireline and wireless technologies


Capex dollars invested to connect Indigenous communities in B.C.

A message from our leaders

We are proud to enjoy a longstanding and meaningful history of promoting the connectivity of Indigenous Peoples across British Columbia.

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Our Indigenous engagement philosophy

We recognize and respect Aboriginal Title and Rights and Treaty Rights and the unique culture and governance of individual nations and communities.

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Our TELUS PureFibre footprint

Since 2013, TELUS has invested $3 billion to connect 116 communities to the TELUS PureFibre Network, and expect to have connected 46 Indigenous communities in B.C. by the end of 2019.

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A message from the artist

In times past, it was politics and trade that kept Indigenous communities on the northwest coast connected. In the case of the Haida, being on an island, we didn’t have certain resources that the mainland people did, such as oolichan grease and mountain goat hair. We needed to create items that would appeal to the mainland groups we were trading with. Over time, the Haida developed specialized industries, including canoe-making, and a commercial art market. Though we had always made ceremonial and local trade pieces, producing art as an item of commerce on this scale helped to further refine the principles of Haida art.

I see the work TELUS is doing in helping to connect Indigenous communities with high-speed internet as helping to reestablish some of these ancient multinational relationships. It's enabling Indigenous communities to better communicate with one another, support one another, and to work together toward a healthier future.

Iljuuwaas | Tyson Brown

A message from TELUS

As part of our commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous communities, TELUS wants to support the cultural and artistic practices of Indigenous Peoples. In doing so, we must be aware of the historical role corporations have played in misappropriating Indigenous culture and art. We have an obligation and responsibility to ensure that TELUS’ use of Indigenous art in our spaces is respectful of Indigenous voices. To this end, we collaborated with Tyson on the intent, context and manner of the art used within this document to ensure he retained full intellectual property and control of his creations.

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