Our purpose

Revolutionizing access to healthcare

From connecting doctors and other health practitioners with one another and their patients to harnessing information to make prevention and wellness more accessible to everyone, we are committed to providing reliable healthcare products and services that empower patients and their providers.

With over 2,600 dedicated team members and over $2.5 billion invested in health since 2008, TELUS Health is creating opportunities by:

  • Empowering doctors, nurses and extended health teams to coordinate and share information to provide integrated care efficiently and cost effectively
  • Offering doctors, patients and their families the ability to share information anytime, anywhere to further involve patients in the management of their own health
  • Enabling pharmacists to provide better medication management and healthcare services for clients
  • Improving benefits claims management to make processes more efficient for employees, companies and insurance providers
  • Allowing hospitals, governments and health system managers to analyze information to identify best practices, evidence-based treatments and quality improvements
  • Empowering Canadians to manage their health at home and wherever life takes them.

We believe that the current state of Canadian healthcare is not sustainable. According to the Canadian Institute for Healthcare Information, national spending on healthcare in current dollars was $100 billion in 2000, $200 billion in 2011 and now stands at over $250 billion. Healthcare experts agree there is a dire need for increased patient satisfaction, experience, and safety, as well as improved clinical access and decreased costs. We have identified five key issues where health information and our communications technology can make a positive difference:

  1. Chronic disease management
  2. Medication errors and non-compliance
  3. Long wait times and poor access
  4. Lack of focus on prevention and patient self-management
  5. The need for performance improvement