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Good governance

Privacy and security

The Chief Data & Trust Officer at TELUS oversees the TELUS Data and Trust Office. One of the core functions of this team is to maintain an accountable privacy management program. The program is designed to protect both customer and employee privacy. It sets policies and procedures to earn and maintain trust in our data handling practices.

Our Data & Trust Team works closely with TELUS Security to effectively safeguard our customer and employee information. For privacy and security matters that involve countries outside of Canada, we work with privacy lawyers with local expertise.

In 2017 we documented our Privacy Management Program Framework and published it at Highlights of our internal controls include:

  • An annual internal Enterprise Risk and Control Assessment survey that includes questions specific to privacy that may identify emerging risks for TELUS
  • Requiring Privacy Impact Assessments for all projects that involve the collection, use or disclosure of personal information
  • Privacy Breach Response and Notification protocols that are embedded into our processes and training modules, and are reviewed regularly
  • Robust training and awareness activities to assist TELUS team members in respecting and protecting our customers’ privacy

To help raise team members’ and contractors’ awareness and understanding of privacy, we also rolled out three new mandatory privacy-training programs:

  • TELUS Privacy Training for TELUS Communications team members
  • TELUS Health Privacy Training for TELUS Health and Payment Solutions team members
  • TELUS Privacy Training for TELUS International team members

TELUS has also embraced Privacy by Design (PbD) as part of its Privacy Management Program Framework. PbD is a set of seven principles that make up a globally recognized framework for the protection of privacy. It proactively embeds privacy into the design specifications of information technologies, organizational practices and networked system architectures. In 2017, we developed PbD training for our product and service development teams to add to our suite of training and awareness tools.