Device security and safety

Knowing and understanding how to keep your devices and computer safe and secure are important steps in protecting your privacy and information. Learn more by reading our best practices below that you can follow on a regular basis.

Third-party applications (apps)

Be cautious when downloading third-party apps to your mobile device or tablet as they may contain harmful software and/or request unnecessary access to data stored within your device.
To help keep your device and data secure:
  • Avoid downloading applications from untrusted sources
  • Stick to apps created and managed by trusted, reputable companies
  • When installing an app, review what other areas of your device the app is requesting permission to access. If the requested access should not be needed for the app to work, reconsider installing it. For example, be suspicious if a flashlight app is requesting access to your photos or contacts as this access should not be needed for the flashlight feature to work. At the very least, do not grant access to your contacts, photos or location for an app that does not require them to function

Security and anti-virus software

Installing security software is a good way to help protect your privacy online. To help you understand the difference between various types of security software, we have created a list highlighting the features and benefits of each:
  • Anti-virus software can detect and delete virus files before they attack your device
  • Anti-spyware software can prevent harmful spyware and adware files from being installed on your device. Spyware and adware allow fraudsters to monitor your web browsing patterns, track your keystrokes and inundate you with annoying (and sometimes harmful) pop-up ads
  • A personal firewall can monitor both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic from your device. These firewalls protect you from being hacked and having viruses/spyware installed without your knowledge. Most firewall programs also block unauthorized access to the internet from your device
To find the appropriate security applications for your device, search the app store (
Apple App Store
BlackBerry World
Google Play
Windows Phone
). Before installing security software on any device, be sure that it is compatible with your operating system.
To help protect your devices against known viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks, please visit
 to learn more.

Software updates

Device manufacturers (e.g. Blackberry, Apple and Android) and operating system manufacturers (e.g. Microsoft, Apple) have independent program/software managers that notify you when a new version of the software is available for your device. Always accept notifications for and install software updates on your devices as they become available. These updates include important security patches that protect your device from the latest internet threats.

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