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We believe in responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) and are looking for input from a diverse set of voices. With a human-centred approach, we can build trust in our digital world and make a friendly future for all. We heard from roughly 5,000 Canadians about their thoughts on AI - their concerns, hopes and opinions about where this powerful technology should be headed. See what they had to say.
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We’re asking all Canadians: what do you want AI to be?

We are creating a community across Canada with various perspectives and identities, including Indigenous Peoples and other diverse groups to help make our digital world friendly for all.
This community will help to ensure that voices from a representative sampling of Canadians are heard and that humanity stays at the center of AI.
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Realizing the power of AI, responsibly

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Done responsibly, AI can deliver incredible social benefits for a friendly future. TELUS is collaborating with leading global thinkers and average Canadians to ensure that we realize the benefits of responsible AI and mitigate the challenges it can present through online and in-person consultations.
We recently asked Canadians about their thoughts on AI1. Here are some highlights:


of respondents aged 12-17 expect their generation will have to fix problems left behind by the current usage of AI


of respondents agree that AI’s development and usage should be regulated


of respondents who self-identified as part of a racialized group feel that AI is biased against themselves and their peers
Image: TELUS commissioned a work of art by Kenneth Letander, Ojibway artist originally from Manitoba and now living in Alberta's Treaty Six region, to mark our declaration.
Image: TELUS commissioned a work of art by Kenneth Letander, Ojibway artist originally from Manitoba and now living in Alberta's Treaty 6 region, to mark our declaration

Supporting Indigenous Reconciliation

TELUS is proud to reaffirm its dedication to reconciliation and responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) while upholding its commitment to artistic integrity by declaring that TELUS will not use AI technology to create or replicate the art or imagery of Indigenous Peoples.

TELUS GenAI Customer Support Tool is the world's first to achieve Privacy by Design (ISO 31700-1) certification

This milestone underscores TELUS' commitment to ensuring the highest standards of privacy and data protection, while continuously innovating to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Academic Salon: 2024 AI report: The power of perspectives in Canada
Demonstrating our leadership and commitment to including more diverse voices in the conversation about responsible AI development, we hosted scholar-led discussions on where this powerful technology should be headed.
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Our approach to Responsible AI

Everything we do is grounded in our commitment to putting
customers and communities first
, and the
TELUS Trust Model
, which promotes the use of data in ways that build trust. TELUS is committed to Responsible AI and provides examples of how it is used.
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A proud partner in Responsible AI

We are a proud partner of Canadian and international organizations working to develop Responsible AI, including the Responsible AI Institute, Foundational Supporter of IAPP AI Governance, Standards Council of Canada National AI & Data Governance Standards Collaborative, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) and Vector Institute.
We believe in the value of varied perspectives in the development of AI as well as in our responsibility to support our customers and communities through resources, including education.

Our partners:

Learn more about Responsible AI:

CIFAR Destination AI
: Destination AI will give you the tools to understand how AI works and its impact on society. This four-hour course is for anyone who wants to know what artificial intelligence is, understand how it works, and learn more about it.
TELUS Wise AI workshop
: Developed in partnership with CIFAR, this 60-minute course is geared toward teens to help them learn more about AI, build critical thinking skills, identify common myths and dive deeper into AI ethics.

Awards and recognition

TELUS was awarded the international
Outstanding Organization 2023
prize from the Responsible AI Institute in recognition of its leadership in responsible AI and commitment to fostering trust and benefitting society.

Have your say on the future of AI

Join us and follow our consultation process. You will be taken to a link to enroll in our Qualtrics research platform and join our panel on Responsible AI.