Have your say on Responsible AI

We believe in responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) and are looking for input from a diverse set of voices. With a human-centred approach, we can build trust in our digital world and make a friendly future for all.
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We’re asking all Canadians: what do you want AI to be?

We are creating a community across Canada with various perspectives and identities, including Indigenous Peoples and other diverse groups to help make our digital world friendly for all.

This community will help to ensure that voices from a representative sampling of Canadians are heard and that humanity stays at the center of AI.

Want to have your say and participate?
You will be taken to a link to enroll in our Qualtrics research platform and join our panel on Responsible AI.

To learn more about artificial intelligence (AI), check out Destination AI, offered by CIFAR.

Our consultation process

Join our consultation using the sign up button above. Later this year, we’ll share a report of our findings publicly.
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June - August

Call for participation, preliminary research, consultation work with partners.
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September - November

Cross-Canada consultations to gather perspectives on AI from a broad spectrum of Canadians.
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November - December

Development of public report and publications sharing the voices of Canadians on AI.

Realizing the power of AI, responsibly

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Done responsibly, AI can deliver incredible social benefits for a friendly future. TELUS is collaborating with leading global thinkers and average Canadians to ensure that we realize the benefits of responsible AI and mitigate the challenges it can present through online and in-person consultations.

We recently asked Canadians about their thoughts on AI1. Here are some highlights:


believe AI should be developed carefully


feel the development of AI needs to incorporate ethics to minimize harms


say that the development of AI should be in consultation with everyday people
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Our approach to Responsible AI

Everything we do is grounded in our commitment to putting customers and communities first, and the TELUS Trust Model, which promotes the use of data in ways that build trust. TELUS is committed to Responsible AI and provides examples of how it is used.

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A proud partner in Responsible AI

We are a proud partner of Canadian and international organizations working to develop Responsible AI, including the Responsible AI Institute, Foundational Supporter of IAPP AI Governance, Standards Council of Canada National AI & Data Governance Standards Collaborative, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) and Vector Institute.

Learn more about Responsible AI:

Have your say on the future of AI

Join us and follow our consultation process. You will be taken to a link to enroll in our Qualtrics research platform and join our panel on Responsible AI.