Data for Good

Benefiting Canadians through data insights

At TELUS, our business is using our technology for good to connect Canadians, helping to improve lives and communities. Data for Good uses data to help solve pressing societal issues in ways that preserve privacy and build trust.

Remarkable data outcomes

At TELUS, we recognize that we hold a great deal of critically useful data that can help improve Canadians’ lives. With our Data for Good commitments to Canadians, we are making data insights available without compromising our long standing commitment to respect the privacy of our customers.

Starting in April 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, strongly de-identified data and unique insights from the TELUS Insights platform were used to support health authorities and academic researchers in helping reduce COVID-19 transmission without compromising the personal privacy of Canadians. 

Collaborative projects like Data for Good played a pivotal role in helping public and private sector decision-makers learn how to more effectively manage pandemics, now and in the future.

Award-winning privacy innovation

In addition to being the only Canadian telecommunications company to receive the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award, TELUS is the only telecommunications company in Canada to achieve Privacy by Design Certification through the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) for its Insights platform.

Participant testimonials

Data for Good is committed to sharing curated data and insights to support innovation and world-class research.

Together, we can build stronger communities and serve social good.

"Our city officials are adamant about reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and it is obvious that the TELUS Insights team supports this cause. With more timely and relevant data, we can ensure that our most critical services, such as hospitals, police, and emergency responders, operate at the appropriate capacity. Our citizens are counting on us to keep the city moving, and leveraging data intelligence is one of the fastest ways we can do that."

Larry Thomas

Fire Chief/Deputy Director of the Emergency Operations Centre, Surrey BC

"The TELUS team brought a thoughtful, supportive and solution focused attitude to our interactions and worked on tailoring their product specially for the public health environment.”

Cameron McDermaid, MHSc

Epidemiologist at Ottawa Public Health

Case study

City of Surrey COVID-19 physical distancing

In June 2020, the City of Surrey began utilizing the COVID-19 Data for Good Physical Distancing report from TELUS Insights to navigate the current global pandemic and help protect its 500,000+ population. The report provides key metrics and real-world indicators of how people in Surrey respond to the Coronavirus pandemic public health orders.

Case study

Ottawa Public Health

Measuring health-related behaviours is a challenge, and typically Ottawa Public Health uses self-reporting methods through population surveys to assess community behaviour. TELUS Data for Good provided a proxy for how Ottawa residents may be congregating, critical information to Canada's current health status.

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Our commitments to Canadians on Data for Good

At TELUS, we recognize that we hold a great deal of data that can help improve the lives of Canadians and the communities where they live. We are committed to making insights gained from this critically useful data available without compromising our long-standing commitment to respect the privacy of our customers.