Customer Conduct and Respecting Team Member Safety

All TELUS team members, whether in stores, shops, kiosks or otherwise, are entitled to a work environment that is free of all abusive behaviours such as:
  1. Threats or violence towards team members or TELUS property
  2. Discrimination and harassment based on prohibited grounds set out in the CHRA. Including but not limited to:
      • Race
      • National or ethnic origin
      • Colour
      • Religion
      • Age
      • Sex
      • Sexual orientation
      • Gender identity or expression
      • Marital status
      • Family status
      • Disability
      • Genetic characteristics 
      • Conviction for which a pardon has been granted or a record suspended
  3. Use of sexually explicit language / engaging in sexually explicit behaviour; whether verbal or non-verbal.  Including but not limited to:
      • Inappropriate and/or unwelcome touching
      • Sexual comments
      • Display of obscene pictures
      • Clients phone with a nude or pornographic content visible to team members 
  4. Hostile remarks or highly offensive behaviour, that is not covered in section 2, that is unwelcome or ought reasonably known to be unwelcome which would humiliate or intimidate or have harmful lasting effect
TELUS team members are here to assist the customer resolve their product or service issues to the best of their ability.  There may be times that the team member is unable to resolve the issue but will attempt to provide alternative solutions.
Under no circumstances will the TELUS team member be expected to endure any of the above abusive behaviours, whether intentional or unintentional.  Should the TELUS team member be subjected to such abusive behaviours they reserve the right to refuse service.  Should the abusive behaviours persist the TELUS team member may take the immediate necessary steps to maintain a safe and respectful work environment, including:
  1. Asking the customer to leave
  2. Seeking assistance from authorities to deescalate the situation
Should a situation arise where a TELUS team member is subject to any of the above abusive behaviours, the customer engaged in such behaviours could also be subject to;
  1. Follow up and verbal warning or
  2. Trespass from one or all TELUS locations or
  3. Removal from the TELUS network
All TELUS team members are expected to act professionally and respectfully towards all individuals and maintain a harassment free work environment.
Hilen Wong
TELUS Retail Ltd.