JULY 6, 2022

TELUS Health reaches milestone - supports two million Canadians with access to their own digital personal health record

Since launching in Western Canada in 2019, TELUS Health’s Personal Health Record (PHR) solution has seen rapid growth helping more Canadians get better access to their own health information.

Vancouver – TELUS Health today announced that it has reached the significant milestone of providing two million Canadians with access to their own digital personal health record, allowing them greater access to and control of their own health information. TELUS Health’s Personal Health Record (PHR) technology launched in multiple western provinces in 2019 and are digital records provided to citizens to ensure they have a single point of access to their own health data, including test results and trends, immunization records, and biometrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and height and weight which can all be uploaded by the user or from a digital health device.

“TELUS Health is committed to using innovative technology to help advance the healthcare experience for Canadians improving their access to care and their own health data so they can better manage their overall health and wellbeing” said Damon Ramsey, Vice-president and Chief Medical Information Officer, TELUS Health. ”We all have the right to our personal health information and by using technology, we are also facilitating improved communication between patients and their healthcare team. We are grateful for the opportunity to have created personal health records for more than two million people and we are excited to deliver our solution to even more Canadians.”

Digital innovations allow people to have their information at their fingertips which can be critical when it comes to healthcare, and empowers them to proactively manage their health in collaboration with their healthcare providers and caregivers. Personal health records provide a holistic view of a patient’s medical history which can be shared with consent with a care team resulting in more effective and efficient delivery of care. 

By empowering patients and healthcare providers with Personal Health Record technology, provinces have been able to reduce administrative appointments with family physicians, walk-in clinic and emergency department visits, and test duplications, allowing healthcare providers to spend more time helping patients.  

For example, Alberta’s MyHealth Records is an online tool that helps Albertans better manage their health by providing secure and timely access to health information. Albertans can track their lab results as soon as they are available, in addition to reviewing medication history, immunization records, and COVID-19 test results. MyHealth Records can also incorporate data from health devices like blood pressure monitors and fitness and wellness devices. As of June 2022, approximately 1.3M Albertans have registered for MyHealth Records and an average of 20,000 Albertans access their health information on any given day.

TELUS Health’s personal health records are powered by technology from Get Real Health.

“We are excited to grow our relationship with TELUS Health through the implementation of this program, to help more Canadian citizens enjoy better health, lower healthcare costs and greater patient empowerment,” said Get Real Health President & Founding Partner Robin Wiener. “The result will be a healthier Canada.”

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