SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

TELUS Extends LTE-M Network Connectivity to United States

U.S. roaming for low power IoT devices to offer Canadian businesses seamless coverage on both sides of the 49th parallel

Vancouver, B.C. – Today, TELUS announced that its IoT customers in Canada will enjoy seamless coverage throughout the United States, thanks to a roaming agreement the company has reached with AT&T. TELUS’ leading LTE-M network already provides coverage for next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) devices across Canada, and now, customers have the flexibility of rate plan options that will allow devices to roam in the United States. The agreement is reciprocal, and AT&T customers in the United States will be able to roam on TELUS’s LTE-M network in Canada.

By collaborating with the international carrier community to activate LTE-M roaming, TELUS further enables mobile applications and IoT devices that are built to travel, like health wearables and remote asset monitors. The TELUS and AT&T agreement will provide businesses with consistent, reliable network connectivity and more predictable billing.“Expanding the reach of the TELUS LTE-M network is a boon for TELUS IoT customers here in Canada, allowing them to easily extend their footprint to the United States and unlocking a tremendous amount of business potential in the process,” said Michael Cihra, TELUS VP of IoT. “By working with our peers in the global wireless provider community, TELUS is able to open a world of opportunity to Canadian IoT innovators. We are pleased to have partnered with such a storied brand in AT&T and, together, look forward to supporting our clients’ accelerated growth in the IoT space.”

“More and more of our enterprise customers are launching IoT applications across international boundaries. Having access to the TELUS LTE-M network across Canada will help them simplify deployments and scale their North American IoT plans,” said Chris Penrose, President, Advanced Mobility and Enterprise Solutions, AT&T.Designed to handle devices that transmit infrequent, short bursts of data, on a massive scale, TELUS’ LTE-M network is built on licensed cellular standards-based technology, which offers a higher quality of service, greater reliability and carrier-grade security. The TELUS LTE-M network is fully compatible with 5G technologies to support low-power wide-area IoT applications such as smart cities, advanced logistics and agriculture well into the future. TELUS launched its LTE-M network in Canada in October 2018.

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