OCTOBER 18, 2019

TELUS applauds the Régions branchées program

Deploying high-speed Internet and wireless services in remote areas is essential to ensuring that every family and business has an opportunity to prosper

Montreal, Quebec – TELUS enthusiastically welcomes the creation of the Quebec government’s Régions branchées program and its $100-million commitment to deploy high-speed Internet in the province’s remote and low-density communities.

“Every year, TELUS makes significant investments in its networks to connect thousands of new residents in Quebec’s remote areas to the resources and information they need in order to drive local opportunities in health care, education, entertainment and the economy. Although our private investments are vital, we also believe that the future of connectivity in rural areas requires support from the government,” says François Gratton, TELUS President and TELUS Québec CEO.

This year alone, TELUS is investing $95 millions in its wireless and optic fibre networks in Eastern Quebec, which includes $25.7 million from the federal and provincial governments, to reach over 34,000 new families and businesses from 80 remote and low-density communities, notably in the vast Lower North Shore region. Between 2013 and 2021, TELUS will have invested more than $300 million to expand its PureFibre network in the eastern part of Quebec and within the next two years, the company plans to offer direct fibre access to 93 percent of families and businesses on its incumbent territory located in the Greater Quebec City area and Eastern Quebec region. In the last two decades, TELUS has invested $24.7 billion in its networks and operations in Quebec.


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Jacinthe Beaulieu

TELUS Media Relations


[email protected]