OCTOBER 6, 2022

TELUS and Peel Regional Police Service team up to deliver innovative technology solutions to first responders

Collaboration to advance the use of 5G technology for first responders - providing greater connection while in field, advancing the next generation of 911 services and connecting mental health services within the community 

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF PEEL - Peel Regional Police Service (PRP) and TELUS have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance 5G innovation and deploy technologies that will keep our communities safe. This association will support mission critical communications, protect the well-being of communities and connect first responders quickly and efficiently with members of the public in emergency situations. The two organizations will immediately begin their collaboration, with the goal of connecting individuals in crisis with virtual mental health services and equipping first responders with improved multimedia tools and real-time data, enabling them to better assess emergency situations and provide urgent support when every second matters.

As part of this agreement, PRP and TELUS will begin collaboration on the following pillars of innovation:

  • Advancing connection to first responders: TELUS and PRP will collaborate on opportunities to leverage their joint network assets and ensure first responders are able to support members of the public in need of assistance - no matter what circumstances or crises arise. Through this work, first responders will have access to the most effective tools, resources and critical communications that they need to save lives and keep the communities they serve safe 24/7. 

  • Enhancing Next-Generation 9-1-1: TELUS and PRP will explore new innovative ways to leverage emerging technology, co-create new public safety applications, increase efficiencies and improve the tools that public safety personnel rely on to support the public during times of crisis. The goal of this work will be to reduce wait times, divert a greater number of non-emergency calls and increase the level of supportive resources for front-line public safety call takers and dispatchers.

  • Mental health support for the community: With over 80 per cent of police calls for service being non-criminal in nature, this collaboration will allow PRP to leverage the best practices, technology and support of TELUS Health to help individuals in crisis and connect them quickly and efficiently with the mental health services they require. This innovation will also help support Peel Police and their

    , of which mental health and addictions is a key priority area in the Region. 

“Peel Police is incredibly excited to launch our collaboration, co-creation and innovative work with TELUS and better support our front-line personnel, citizens and community as a whole,” said Nishan Duraiappah, Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police. “TELUS has demonstrated a consistent and genuine interest in our mission and we are eager to work together to achieve our shared goals, improve the tools that our officers and community partners use and ultimately improve citizen oriented outcomes within our Region.” 

“TELUS is committed to leveraging our global-leading technology and compassion to drive social change. This partnership with Peel Regional Police is a perfect example of that commitment in action,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, TELUS. “Between TELUS and its partners, we will be able to demonstrate the innovation that 5G can bring, working collaboratively to improve public safety and benefit the community overall.” 

“Peel Regional Police, Halton Regional Police, and our other innovation partners would also like to extend a warm welcome to TELUS on behalf of the Public Safety Broadband Network Innovation Alliance (PSBN Innovation Alliance). We look forward to leveraging our own public safety broadband network infrastructure and co-developing new technology and infrastructure applications that will enable reliable and resilient public safety communications across Canada,” said Anthony Odoardi, Deputy Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police and Managing Director of the PSBN Innovation Alliance. 

With PRP being the first police force to sign a partnership with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and TELUS’ ongoing dedication to community safety through activities such as the

powered by AlchemistX, and the rollout of
Next-Generation 9-1-1 services in British Columbia and Alberta
- this MOU and collaboration between the two parties is a step forward to advance public safety and create innovative solutions that will protect Canadian communities. 

About Peel Police

Peel Regional Police is Canada’s third largest municipal police service that serves a population of over 1.5 million Canadians and is heavily focused on being the most progressive, innovative, and inclusive police service in the Country. Peel Police has heavily focused on embracing change and supporting new ideas, such as signing Canada’s only MOU with a Provincial Human Rights Commission to eliminate systemic racism in policing, creating one of Canada’s first Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) plans, and being a founding member of the PSBN Innovation Alliance with Halton Regional Police. Peel’s CSWB plan has three main priority areas of which PRP and the Region are trying to make tangible and positive impacts; Mental Health & Addictions; Decreasing Family Violence; and Eliminating Systemic Discrimination.  

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