EQ Care launches LifeJourney, an integrated virtual health and wellness platform designed for the modern workplace

First-of-its-kind solution evolves Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) into a single convenient and collaborative access point; dedicated Care Advocates provide personalized, virtual care-centric care plans for Canadian employees

MONTREAL - EQ Care, recently acquired by TELUS Health, today announced the launch of LifeJourney, an integrated virtual health and wellness platform for modern Canadian workplaces. This next generation platform is the first of its kind to help evolve traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) into a single convenient and collaborative access point for employees allowing them to more easily manage their physical and mental health, well-being, and work/life balance. Unique to this platform are the LifeJourney dedicated Care Advocates who develop compassionate and guided care plans supporting employees on their path towards improved health, mindfulness, performance, and self-esteem. 

“At the core of our new LifeJourney platform is the idea of an employee’s health being a balance between and amongst a variety of components – not just their physical health but also mental health and work-life challenges,” said Daniel Martz, Vice President, Virtual Care, TELUS Health. “Achieving this balance is the framework for how our Care Advocates virtually and seamlessly devise personalized care plans through a modernized EAP for employees, who often find themselves dealing with complex and interrelated issues arising over the course of their work lives, particularly now in the face of the pandemic.”

The LifeJourney solution, built on decades of experience in the field of healthcare, centralizes an employee’s entire health and well-being experience. It gives employees the personalized support they need when accessing their care plans, appointments, and prescriptions, allowing for better overall health management. It also provides employers streamlined reporting and billing, improved utilization and efficiency, reduced costly service redundancies, and increased resilience and productivity providing a higher return on their human capital investment.

From digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (dCBT) to nutritional aid and legal and financial advice, LifeJourney provides an effective, affordable, and scalable approach to helping employees with various aspects of their lives. The combination of these services through a seamless and convenient virtual care navigation tool contributes to the wellness and resilience of employees in an ever-changing workplace where the boundary between “work” and “life outside of work” is becoming increasingly blurred.

While revolutionizing the approach to EAPs in a virtual era, LifeJourney provides a traditional EAP foundation with additional services and customization such as Critical Incident Response, Personal Crisis Management and Organizational Coaching. Further, it leverages EQ Care’s Disability Management Support Services for a fully-integrated suite ensuring optimized results whether employees are at or away from work.

About EQ Care

EQ Care, recently acquired by TELUS Health, offers patients 24/7 national and bilingual online access to a specialized medical and mental health team providing personalized, comprehensive treatment options from any mobile or internet-connected device. On the cutting edge of patient care, our mission is to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality service through our leading proprietary virtual health technology platform. 

About TELUS Health

TELUS Health is a leader in digital health technology, providing virtual care, home health monitoring, electronic medical and health records, benefits and pharmacy management, and personal emergency response services. By leveraging the power of technology to deliver connected solutions and services, TELUS Health is improving access to care and revolutionizing the flow of information while facilitating collaboration, efficiency, and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied healthcare professionals, insurers, employers, and citizens, to progress its vision of transforming healthcare and empowering people to live healthier lives.

Through the TELUS Health Care Centres, teams of renowned and passionate healthcare professionals deliver best-in-class patient-centric care to thousands of Canadian employers, professionals, and families in more than 15 medical clinics located across the country.

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