We are stronger together

We hope you draw inspiration from the deeply meaningful creative found within the pages of our annual report, conveying our story of togetherness, connectedness and a friendly future … inspired by the infinite potential of the human spirit.

The cover image evokes the iconic double helix, the building block of humanity. These strands are replaced with fibre-optic cable as a tribute to the innovation that is making human connection possible in our digital society.

This theme is carried lyrically throughout our report, inextricably bound within our brand’s identification with nature. This connection reinforces our undeniable bond with our natural world, demonstrating that innovation is often inspired by nature.

Through our technology innovation, we are creating a stronger and more caring world by enabling remarkable human, social and business outcomes. We believe wholeheartedly that we are all stronger together, and this is foundational to our promise to make the future a little more friendly for everyone.