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Learn about current TELUS board members and the committees to which they belong.
Board members and committees

Board members and committees

R.H. (Dick) Auchinleck
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of TELUS Corporation
Darren Entwistle
  • President and CEO of TELUS Corporation
Lisa de Wilde
  • Corporate Governance Committee,
  • Pension Committee
Raymond T. Chan
  • Human Resources & Compensation Committee, Pension Committee
Stockwell Day
  • Human Resources & Compensation Committee, *Pension Committee
Mary Jo Haddad
  • *Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Kathy Kinloch
  • Corporate Governance Committee, Human Resources and Compensation Committee
John Manley
  • *Corporate Governance Committee,
  • Pension Committee
Sarabjit (Sabi) Marwah
  • Audit Committee,
  • Corporate Governance Committee
Claude Mongeau
  • Audit Committee, Corporate Governance Committee
David Mowat
  • *Audit Committee
Marc Parent
  • Audit Committee