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TELUS Community Ambassadors

Our TELUS Community Ambassadors exemplify our commitment to give where we live.

Supporting our communities

Passionate about giving back and providing a vital connection to our local communities, over 4,700 current and retired TELUS team members volunteer as TELUS Community Ambassadors in 23 clubs across B.C., Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. In 2017, they donated close to 60,000 care items, including:


Comfort Kits

basic toiletries and comfort items for homeless and displaced families


Kits for Kids

backpacks filled with school supplies for less-fortunate children


Medicine Hat

Red Deer



Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada

British Columbia

Upper Island

West Kootenay

Sunshine Coast

South Island

Prince George


Fraser Valley

East Kootenay

Central Island




Toronto East

Toronto Central





Quebec City


Strengthening our communities one act of kindness at a time

Our TELUS Community Ambassadors have been making a huge difference in our communities for more than 100 years. It’s true – today’s Community Ambassadors stand on the shoulders of thousands of committed volunteers who came before, building upon a remarkable legacy of volunteerism and giving at our company.

Each year, over 4,700 current and retired team members from 23 clubs across Canada devote their time and energy to give back and inspire us all with the important work they do.

From supporting local food banks, serving meals to those less fortunate, filling backpacks full of school supplies or creating Comfort Kits for those living in temporary shelters, our Ambassadors provide a vital connection to the communities where we live and work.

Bobby Farr

Vancouver Community Ambassador

Whether it's helping a local food bank, serving meals to the underprivileged, backpacking school supplies, or making toiletry kits for people living in temporary shelters, our ambassadors establish a vital link with the communities in which we live and work.

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Community Corner is the bi-annual newsletter keeping our Community Ambassadors up-to-date on TELUS news and activities, and events in the various clubs.

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