Ensuring digital accessibility for everyone

Promoting inclusion and accessibility within our workplace and the communities in which we serve is important to us. So is providing inclusive access to our products, services and solutions for persons of all abilities.

Through our Tech for GoodTM program, TELUS customers with disabilities who require assistive technology such as additional hardware or software to independently use their smartphone or tablet can receive specialized assistance, tools and training. In some cases, we also offer financial assistance to help cover the cost of assistive technology*.

*Financial assistance is determined by Neil Squire.

Program highlights

  • Access to experts with specialized knowledge about assistive technologies

  • Set-up and installation if required of wireless smartphones or tablets

  • Phone and assistive technology training and support 

  • Financial assistance to acquire assistive technology subject to approval of Neil Squire

  • $20 monthly discount on Simple Share and Peace of Mind TELUS Mobility Smartphone plans

Are you eligible?

Are you a TELUS customer in British Columbia or Alberta with a disability who requires additional hardware or software to independently operate a handheld wireless smartphone or tablet? 

If so, contact us at 1-866-558-2273 or via chat to learn more about our Tech for Good program.

Or contact Neil Squire directly by visiting their website.

Toward a more accessible future

At TELUS, we are committed to giving back to our communities and making the world more accessible for people of all abilities.