Mobility for Good

Are you 26 or under and previously in child welfare? Stay connected with a free phone and a $0 plan including 3 GB of data for two years. Must be over the age of majority in your province.

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Help youth leaving child welfare get connected with a free phone

We believe that connecting youth to the services they need is a critical step in enabling their future success. Without the support of permanent families, youth transitioning out of Canada’s child welfare system are often ill-equipped for life on their own and a smartphone is critical to helping them stay connected and achieving independence.

That’s why we created Mobility for Good™️, a collaboration between TELUS and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada (CAFC) and select Centre de Jeunesse Foundations. This program meets an urgent need that enables youth aging out of care gain their independence, build credit, search for somewhere to live, look for education and job opportunities, and stay in touch with friends and vital support networks.

Features include:

  • Access to a refurbished smartphone at no cost
  • $0 per month smartphone rate plan (including applicable taxes) for two years
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk and text
  • 3 GB of data per month
  • Digital literacy support available at any of our TELUS Learning Centres
  • TELUS WISE® training and tools to participate safely in our digital world

“You can’t exist without a cell phone. Without it, you lose quality of life. But if you choose to have a phone, you lose something else, like food"

This program helps to keep youth transitioning out of care connected to the critical services they need to be successful.

Eligibility requirements and how to apply

If you have any questions about the Mobility for Good program please contact us