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At TELUS, our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is a cornerstone of our award-winning culture. Embracing different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking allows us to deliver better insights, decisions, and solutions. Simply put, we recognize and leverage the value of diversity for our business, our team, our community and our customers.

Company overview

Strategy and values

We deliver future friendly services and solutions to Canadians at home, in the workplace and on the move.

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Company overview

Executive team

Leadership dedicated to inclusivity and growth.

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Board of directors

World-class expertise and experience.

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Diversity and inclusiveness

Our vision is to foster an inclusive culture that embraces diversity and sparks innovation for our customers.

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Community Investment

At TELUS, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live to make the future friendlier for all Canadians.

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Privacy commitment and code

Your privacy is important to us. Stay up-to-date on how your personal information is being used and how we are protecting your privacy.

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TELUS Ventures

We connect people, companies and communities via the most advanced and innovative technologies.

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TELUS Health

Improving healthcare through digital innovation, we help patients get better care while easing the burden on the healthcare system.

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TELUS reports at your fingertips

Find the latest TELUS investor, sustainability, community and diversity reports.

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Learn about our industry-leading educational program on Internet and Smartphone safety.

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