Members of the TELUS Marketing Development Program collaborating with the Marketing team.

Marketing Development Program

At TELUS, we leverage the power of technology to create positive experiences and meaningful social outcomes for our customers. If you're looking to make an impact in an exciting environment, we want to talk to you.

Calling all future leaders

The Marketing Development Program (MDP) is a unique two-year rotational program designed to develop and equip graduates with the skills to become business leaders.

Benefits of being part of the MDP

  • Gain practical experience on three different teams within the two year program, with the opportunity to work with various TELUS leaders, products, and business units

  • Tailor your career path with rotations based on career interests, key business priorities, and areas of development to help you grow professionally

  • Get assigned a Director-level mentor and take advantage of the wide network of amazing professionals to guide you throughout the program and your career

  • Gain the opportunity to apply and land in an area of interest after completing the program

Recruitment cycle

Applications open in August, with screening and selection in September – October of the current year. Offers are extended by the end of October.

Recruiting activity


Roles posted online and applications open
August 2023
Screening and selection
October 2023
Start working at TELUS
September 2, 2024
Thank you for your interest in the Marketing Development Program.


"When you’re fresh out of school, it's hard to know what you want to do with your career. The MDP Program helped solve that confusion for me. Three different rotations in two years taught me how to learn and adapt quickly, expand my skillset, make meaningful relationships across the business and create amazing friendships. The program showed me my passion for marketing communications and through that I was able to land a job exactly there."

Risha Raythatha, 2020 MDP - Marketing Manager

"The TELUS MDP Program kickstarted my career in the best way possible. It gave me the opportunity to not only try three different job functions, but experience three extremely contrasting areas of the business. I learned to be adaptable and resilient by striving to make the most out of my time on each team, skills I know will take me far in my career."

Jude Arafeh, 2020 MDP - Strategy Manager

"The value of the MDP lies within the people that this program is run by, everyone around you - be it Managers, Directors, VPs, all want you to succeed in your career and achieve great things.

The MDP provided me with an array of opportunities to explore different roles across the organization, spanning from strategy, to marketing, and product/project management. The skills I was able to gain throughout each rotation are invaluable as I prepare for the next step in my career."

Eric Jin Cheng, MDP 2021

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