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Seriously, we’ve been waiting for you. What we are proposing is a pretty simple partnership -- you bring the education and the ambition, and we’ll find you the opportunity that plays to your strengths and puts you on the path toward a great career.

Uh, aren’t you late for work?

Frankly, we believe that your newly-minted engineering/finance/business admin/accounting/marketing/good-old- fashioned-liberal- arts degree is your ticket to a long and rewarding career – and we want that career to be with TELUS. No matter where you are on your path toward personal and professional fulfillment, we’d love to match you up with one of our work-terms, rotational programs, or part-time and full-time opportunities. We know we have something for you, so let’s get to work.

Diversity in technology scholarship program

Recognizing women and minorities in technology

Wow, you’re almost there! We know how hard you’ve worked and the sacrifices you’ve made to continue your education. As a leader in technology, we also know that diversity drives innovation, and we believe in a friendly future where youth are provided with the resources and technology they need to reach their full potential.

That’s why, through our TELUS Diversity in Technology Scholarship program, we’re investing in $5000 scholarships for women and minorities in their final year of a technology related program, at a Canadian post-secondary institution. If you’re passionate about technology and compassionate about your community, we want to hear your unique story.

The application process is open May 14 to August 14

After assessing all applications, final candidates will be selected based on eligibility, quality of application, demonstrated passion for technology, and the ability to overcome adversity. Help us make tech more diverse.

2020 TELUS Diversity in Technology Scholarship winners:

  • Sarah Aziz (Milton, Ontario)

  • Harry Chauhan (Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Aaisha Eid (Scarborough, Ontario)

  • Aysha Panatch (Calgary, Alberta)

  • Samia Sami (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • Vivian Wu (Edmonton, Alberta)

2020 Winner

Vivian Wu

“I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work that TELUS continually puts into inspiring and supporting women in their journeys to become leaders in science and technology fields. This scholarship has alleviated a huge amount of financial stress for my final year, allowing me to focus on my studies and extra-curriculars to my full potential, as well as approach graduation more confidently during a very difficult time. It has also helped me learn about new opportunities and connect with some amazing people who believe in my future and genuinely want to help me succeed. Through each step of the application process, I felt very supported and well-informed by the Scholarship Team, and I highly encourage more students to apply for this opportunity if they can!”

What you can expect from TELUS


Working towards a common goal

It’s one of our core values, and we know a lot of companies say that, but at TELUS we know that our success, and that of each individual team member, is tied to working together, toward a common goal. If you’re joining us on a rotational program or work-term, we’ll move you around the organization and you’ll see that teamwork in action every day. And, if you are joining us part-time or full time, so much of what we do is cross-functional and collaborative, that you’ll be working with your team and so many others right across TELUS. And, you’ll find we’re all pretty cool.


The value of learning

Clearly, with your education and your experience, we don’t have to sell you on the value of learning. You’ll find that your co-workers are just as into continuous learning as you are. We think that a degree is important, but that it’s just the beginning of our learning process. If you want to pursue a professional designation or hone your leadership skills, we’re here to support you. It’s important to us that you grow personally and professionally as part of the TELUS team, and we offer you lots of programs that encourage you to find your bliss.


The most engaged team on the planet

Not to brag, but the TELUS team is the most engaged team on the planet. We mention this because we are all about creating a working environment that promotes happiness. We get that it’s still work, but we don’t see any reason why you can’t be happy doing it. Depending on where you start your career with TELUS, you might work in one of our LEED-certified workplaces, in one of our state of the art retail stores or, in some cases, at your home office.


Connecting Canadians

TELUS is all about making connections – connecting Canadians to the technology, information, and people that mean the most to them. Every day of your working life, you will be enabling those connections. And, outside of work, there are 78,000 of us giving where we live and making an equally meaningful connection in the communities where we live work and play. If this sounds like the place you’d like to start your career – and maybe even finish it, too – join us. We think you’ll really like it here.

Your education + your opportunities = a great career at TELUS

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Number of hours since 2000 that we’ve volunteered

5 years

Consecutively named Canada’s Top Employers for Young People

6th year

TELUS has been named Canada’s Top 50 Socially Responsible Corporations by Maclean’s/Sustainalytics

"My team works to maintain financial integrity and analyze operational efficiency. The greatest part about my job is being surrounded by positive and inspiring team members who put in a full effort both in and outside of the workplace."

Andrew Lowe, Co-op student (Finance Operations)

"As part of the Business Service Evolution team at TELUS, I get to play with the latest technology in the industry, and help standardize how we use them to provide business services to our customers. I started at TELUS as part of the Graduate Engineering & Leadership Program, which gave me the opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills while working with multiple teams to understand the landscape of the business. The network of people and variety of experiences I gained also allowed me to truly engrain myself in the company culture and build a sense of community. Through this journey, I was able to find my ideal role."

Radwa Rawoof, Engineer-in-training

"I have always been very passionate about new technologies and cool gadgets. Working at TELUS, I can share that passion with thousands of other team members and deliver results for an organization that truly has the courage to innovate!"

Guillaume Cormier, Co-op student (Quebec Controller)

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