People & Culture, Finance and Corporate Affairs

Across People & Culture, Finance and Corporate Affairs, we are the diverse and talented team responsible for making sure TELUS is managed as a world-leading organization. ​

Building a better business

We ensure team members have everything they need to succeed, we tell stories of our work internally and externally, enable the company’s long-term financial success, and we even know a few good lawyers if you need one.

Our departments

People & Culture

The potential to transform

If HR appeals to you because of its incredible potential for transforming….dare we say, “revolutionizing” we work, where we work and what that work looks like, then we want you to be part of our People and Culture team.

How do you measure success?

If you are customer-focused and believe in being a collaborative business partner, consider becoming a member of TELUS’ Finance team. We participate in and contribute to some of the most critical and complex issues affecting our business and the execution of our strategy. We’re always at the forefront of idea generation and are passionate about maximizing the value of investments, including our investment in you.
Corporate Affairs

Knowing a lot is our business

We know a lot of things about a lot of things here at Corporate Affairs, and we can always use another subject matter expert. We’re the ones responsible for keeping the lights on, following the rules, building bridges with our governments, strengthening the ties with our communities, and making sure everything we do is good for the planet. If you have a passion for the law, real estate, government relations, your community, or our planet, Corporate Affairs is the place for you.

No matter where you fit, you fit with us

Because right across our departments, we are the ones that reach out and lean in and do what we can to make sure our fellow team members – and all of our other stakeholders – are successful. All that reaching and leaning is good for you, too. Just about everything we do is cross-functional and far-reaching. You get exposure to every team in the organization and you get the satisfaction of knowing that what you are doing is going to have a very positive impact on your peers, your community and beyond. You’ll thrive as a professional and grow as a person.

We make the magic happen


2020 engagement score


Team members worldwide


# of years voted One of Canada’s Best Corporate Citizens.
“I have the honour of working within our People & Culture organization. To be honest, I never thought I would work in a large enterprise organization but here I am celebrating ten years with TELUS this year. What has kept me here? Among other things, I have had the opportunity to work with leaders who have pushed and inspired me, given me stretch assignments and challenging projects that have developed my skills and broadened my network across TELUS. I’m most grateful for TELUS’s ongoing support of my community involvement passions as the Chair of the Board of Directors for AIESEC Canada, a global youth leadership organization. My time here at TELUS has shown me the art of the possible in both my professional and personal development.”
Anne Huang
Business Partner – People & Culture
“I am proud to work for a company that genuinely cares about people – their team members, customers, and communities. In Legal Services, I am fortunate to work with a VP who takes a personal interest in the career growth of his team, by initiating regular discussions on development and supporting a work/life balance. Participating in the TELUS Day of Giving over the past 10 years, TELUS has reinforced for me the importance of giving back – and doing that with TELUS is an honour.”
Renee Kos
Executive Assistant - Litigation
“I can tell that TELUS is a company that recognizes hard work and believes in spirited teamwork. I’ve been awarded twice recognition for “Passion for Growth” and promoted from financial analyst to senior financial analyst in my first four years at TELUS. On top of that, the work/life balance offered with the flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home is just awesome. I’m here to stay!”
Mathieu Cote
Senior Financial Analyst