We’re the ones that design, build, repair and maintain the billions of dollars’ worth of the infrastructure that keeps more than 15.9 million Canadians connected.

It’s all fun and games until someone can’t access their email

You’re welcome. We thought we’d just get that out of the way. Because we’re the ones that make sure every time you make a call, send a text, post to social media, watch one of those cute Internet cats, or otherwise connect with your friends, your boss or your mom – it goes through. We’re your link to everything that Solutions technology has to offer and we are really proud of the fast, reliable, and near-ubiquitous solutions and services we have built for you. And, we’re always looking for super-innovative, super-engaged, super-passionate people to help us keep the lights on, figuratively speaking.

What you can expect from TELUS


Pulling together

Canada’s a big, beautiful rugged place, and the only way to wire it up and fire it up, is to pull together. The operations team put our collective shoulders to the wheel every day to make sure that the latest technology is supported on our Solutions and Services. We also take pride in standing shoulder to shoulder to solve and resolve any problem that stands in our way of getting that technology up and running...and running smoothly. In our books, when it comes to the kinds of complex problems we face every day, all of our heads are much better than one.
Three people looking at a computer

Technology doesn’t stop

You’ve probably already noticed this, but technology just doesn’t stop. Today, there are more connected devices on the planet than there are people. It’s scary stats like that…plus an unquenchable thirst to be ahead of the curve…that keeps us learning. All of us. All of the time. We challenge ourselves and each other to find new and even better ways to connect Canadians quickly and reliably…and we enjoy every moment of it.

Finding the perfect work environment

One of the great things about our technology is the flexibility it allows us in our personal and professional lives. We like that about what we do – and we believe the same flexibility we create for our customers through our solutions should be available to our team. Whether your idea of the perfect work environment is the great outdoors or the great indoors, we can find something that works for you.
A team working towards a solution in a workshop

Dependable solutions

It matters to us that our customers…and anyone else who finds themselves depending on our Solutions…are able to connect. From that lone driver with a flat on a dark and deserted road somewhere up north, to the urbanite trying to call for a cab on a busy downtown street, our Solutions and Services have their backs. Silently, reliably and without anyone really giving it a second thought. And, that’s pretty much how we like it. As the power behind those Solutions and Services, we come to work every day knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of Canadians.

Driving reliability and efficiencies, championing customer satisfaction


Consecutive years that customer complaints have decreased, with only 4.7% of all complaints making it to the CCTS, down 29% from 2014.


Team members that work at home or are mobile.


Million customers that TELUS is serving across Canada.
“To me, TELUS is a wonderful company to work for as it gives you lots of opportunities in your career. My team designs Inside Plant (IP, Transport, TTV, Power, etc.) equipment for Alberta North and what I enjoy most about my job is that I get to work with an awesome group of smart and talented team members who takes pride in their work and drives you to perform to a high level.”
Kelvin Amurao
Engineering Technician
“I lead a team accountable for delivery of large Enterprise programs and have recently concluded my role as the National Chair of the TELUS Diversity and Inclusiveness Council. I value an organization that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, promotes diversity of thought and inspires me to bring my whole self to work every day. These are just a few of the reasons why I have proudly committed 18 years of my professional career to TELUS.”
Cesarina Primi
Program Executive Director
“I am so pleased and proud to have been with TELUS since 2011. I fully share the company’s philanthropic values, and I feel that my opinion counts. TELUS strongly supports my professional development and inspires me to do my best every day for the success of our big team, all while allowing me to maintain a great work/-life balance.”
Jorge Arbella Oliva
Technician (Voice Service Activation)