Learn about each step in our recruitment process

Thinking about becoming one of our tech trailblazers? We’re seeking a diverse group of new and upcoming grads with a passion for technology who can help us unleash the power of innovation to deliver the best solutions to Canadians.

What to expect

From selecting “Apply” to completing your final interview, here's what you can expect when you submit your application to the Graduate Technology Leadership Program (GTLP).

Step 1
  • Apply online

We’ll ask you to share some information about yourself, upload supporting documents like your resume and cover letter, and answer a few pre‑screening questions. After you complete this step, you’ll get an email confirming that we’ve received your application.

If your profile is shortlisted, someone from our team will contact you to arrange an initial interview. Typically, we contact qualified candidates within approximately 3 weeks (however, timing can vary depending on the number of applications we receive).

Pro tips
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to the job posting, clearly highlighting relevant skills

  • Use action words to focus on your accomplishments

  • Include any technical or leadership skills you have gained from personal projects and extracurricular, community or volunteer experience

  • Read and answer each pre-screening question thoughtfully

  • Ask a friend to review your application before submitting it to avoid spelling and grammar errors

Step 2
  • Attend an initial interview

At this stage, we want to gauge your interest in the role and get a better sense of your qualifications. We’ll ask you questions related to your skills, achievements, past projects and how you handle different situations – but remember, the interview is a two-way process. You should also be assessing us to see if we can offer you the career you’re looking for. If the interview goes well, we’ll invite you to the next step in the process, typically within 2 weeks of your interview.

Pro tips
  • Research TELUS and the roles within the GTLP

  • Have your elevator pitch ready for when we ask you to tell us about yourself

  • Highlight examples of where you’ve demonstrated key competencies

  • Be concise with your answers

Step 3
  • Send us a video

You’ll be asked to submit a short video presentation (5 minutes or less) on a tech-related topic to help us understand how you think and approach challenges. If your presentation impresses us, we’ll invite you to the next step in the process, typically within 2 weeks.

Pro tips
  • Create a clear, cohesive presentation and address the “ask” provided to you

  • Tailor your content to TELUS' lines of business and technology domains

  • Make sure your audio is clear and don’t be afraid to get creative with your video

  • Stay within the time limit

Step 4
  • Meet our friendly panel

Congratulations – you’ve made it to the last step. This final interview is an open dialogue between you and a panel of TELUS team members (typically, a member of the GTLP team and a technical leader). We’ll ask you a mix of behavioural, situational, problem solving and technical questions, and you’ll be able to ask your own questions, too.

Pro tips
  • Listen carefully to your interviewers. If you’re unclear about a question, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification so you can answer correctly.

  • Practice: do mock interviews and seek feedback – the STAR technique works well

  • Brush up on technical topics related to your stream(s) of choice

  • Prepare thoughtful questions for when it’s your turn to ask

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