Wi-Fi Calling FAQ

Information on the TELUS Wi-Fi Calling feature

Am I eligible for Wi-Fi Calling?

You are eligible if you have an eligible device (see below) and an active My TELUS subscription.

Wi-Fi calling is not currently available for Prepaid as it requires VoLTE for it to work, which is not yet available on Prepaid.

Is my device eligible?

You can find the list of all compatible devices at Wi-Fi Calling for Apple and Android devices.

Why did the TELUS Wi-Fi Calling text/icon stop showing on my screen?

TELUS Wi-Fi only kicks in when needed, so it will appear and disappear as your coverage changes.

TELUS Wi-Fi troubleshooting for Wi-Fi Calling

If TELUS Wi-Fi is not appearing in areas where you are used to seeing it, try these simple three steps:

  1. Ensure that you still have Wi-Fi Calling turned on
  2. The TELUS Wi-Fi notification on your device will fluctuate with the availability of a strong enough cellular network. If the Cellular network is strong enough then Wi-Fi Calling is unnecessary and the notification will not display
  3. In rare cases, your internet service provider (ISP) may affect your ability to connect. If you are not able to connect through the following ISPs, you can change the DNS IP address of the Wi-Fi connection on your phone to Google public DNS IP address: & and try again. Please contact us if you are still not able to connect after the DNS change
  • Access communication
  • Sasktel
  • Bell Aliant
  • Eastlink
  • Xplornet
  • Northwestel

DNS change on iOS devices (steps may vary on different iOS versions):

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Find your Wi-Fi network in the list. Select the blue “i” icon
  4. Select Change DNS
  5. Delete the current DNS servers and enter Google DNS server address:,
  6. Save and exit this menu

DNS change on Android devices (steps may vary on different Android devices and versions):

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select the Wi-Fi menu
  3. Locate the Wi-Fi network that you are using currently
  4. Long press your current network, then select Modify network
  5. Select Show advanced options
  6. Change IP settings to Static
  7. Enter Google DNS server IP address:, to DNS1 and DNS2 fields and save

Why did the TELUS Wi-Fi Calling option disappear from my Apple Watch app settings?

If a cellular plan has been added to your Apple Watch, the option to control Wi-Fi Calling may not be visible within the Watch app settings, but Wi-Fi calling will continue to work. In your iPhone settings, ensure you that have enabled Wi-Fi Calling and Calls on other devices.

What is the minimum internet speed needed for Wi-Fi Calling?

The minimum speed required for the benefits of TELUS Wi-Fi calling is 1 mbps. Keep in mind performance will vary based on internet network conditions. If you are noticing issues, try using another Wi-Fi network.

Why do get a pop-up screen telling me to turn on Wi-Fi Calling?

A pop-up may appear up to three times when your device is connected to a wireless network and determines that you would benefit from using the Wi-Fi Calling feature.

For more in formation on TELUS Wi-Fi Calling visit Wi-Fi Calling terms and conditions.

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