Troubleshoot an offline sensor

Find out why your sensor is displaying an offline status.

If your sensor is showing an offline status, this means your sensor may have trouble communicating with the Control Panel:

Possible cause


How to resolve


An object may be blocking the frequency from your Control Panel to your sensor (i.e. you moved your sensor or rearranged the furniture in your business).

Example types of impedances include:

  • Metal

  • Chicken wire

  • Foil

  • Mirrors

  • TVs

  • HVACs Systems

  • Refrigerators

Remove the object blocking the frequency.

If the issue persists, try installing the sensor in a new location and closer to the Control Panel.


Sensors are connected to the Control Panel using secure frequencies. If the sensor is located too far from the Control Panel, it may be out of range.

Install the sensor closer to the Control Panel.

Drained battery

After sensor batteries are depleted, the sensor may go into a malfunction state.

Replace the battery in your sensor.

If the problem continues, please contact TELUS to resolve your issue.

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