Conference calls on your mobile device

How to make or disconnect a conference call on your mobile phone

Initiate a conference call

You can connect three people on one call. There are 2 situations in which you start a conference call; you call someone and want to add a second person to the call or, someone calls you and then you want to add a second person to that call. The same process applies to both situations.

  1. Once the call is connected, select the add call option (" +" icon)
  2. Once add call is selected the other person on the call will be put on hold. Now you can either choose from your contacts or dial the number manually
  3. After the new party answers there will be a icon called Merge. Selecting Merge will connect all 3 participants

Disconnect a conference call

  • To disconnect one of the participants: During the call, press the Send key. The participant who was last to join the call is disconnected
  • To end the conference call: Press the End key. Your conference call ends

If you are unable to establish a conference call make sure your phone supports multiple participants and that your mobility plan allows conference calling.

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