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Learn how to activate or deactivate call screen and more about your TELUS Office Phone options and limitations

Call Screen intercepts pre-selected numbers and plays a recording that says, "The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time." Call Screen lets you add or delete numbers to the call screen list whenever you choose.

In order to use Call Screen the feature must be included in your monthly plan. Contact us to subscribe.

Limits of Call Screen

  • If a number cannot be added, a voice prompt will let you know
  • If your list is full (maximum 12) you must remove a number before you can add another
  • If you have Call Forwarding activated, incoming calls from your list will not be forwarded
  • To screen a long distance number, include the area code. Do not include the "+1" at the beginning of the number
  • Virtual business, private, blocked, US phone numbers and some toll free phone number cannot be added to call screen list directly. They may be added by using Reject Last Caller option
  • Spoofed phone numbers (i.e scam calls) cannot be blocked

Activate/Deactivate Call Screen

  1. From your office phone, dial * 60
  2. To turn Call Screen on , select 1 or 3
  3. To turn Call Screen off , select 1 or 3

Add numbers to your Call Screen list

  1. From your office phone, dial * 60
  2. Follow the voice prompts to add or remove numbers, then select #
  3. Enter area code + 7 digit number to be screened, then select #
  4. Hang up
  5. To add more numbers, wait 60 seconds and repeat steps 1-4

Add the last calling party number

  1. When the private number calls, answer and stay on the line for 5 seconds before hanging up. This allows the system to recognize the number
  2. From your office phone, pick up the handset and dial * 60
  3. Select # after the voice prompt
  4. Press 01
  5. Select # again

Note: There must be at least one number on the Call Screen List to use this option.

Remove numbers from your Call Screen list

  1. From you office phone, dial * 60
  2. Select *
  3. Enter the number to be removed, then select #
  4. An announcement will repeat the number you have removed for confirmation


  • To remove all private numbers from Call Screen list dial 09 *
  • To remove all numbers from Call Screen list dial 08 *

Review numbers stored in Call Screen

  1. From your office phone, dial * 60 then press 1
  2. Select 1 again anytime during the announcement indicating if your Call Screen service is on/off and how many numbers your Call Screen list contains


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