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How law firms can increase remote work productivity with virtual desktops

Technologie · 12 févr. 2024

Businesses are hiring more and more remote workers since the pandemic transformed the way we work. Millions of professionals have the option of choosing where to work from, especially since workers were as productive or more working remotely, according to an Owl Labs study.*

Regardless of how you’ve managed remote arrangements work so far, if it’s to be a part of your long-term vision for your firm, then you need to make sure it’s optimized and secure. Remote working capability is dependent on the implementation of a comprehensive strategy for cloud services delivery. Remote workers need to be able to do their work easily and in a cyber-secure environment. Any obstacles will prevent them from staying productive, which is why the right remote access solution is so important.

Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solution is a great tool for small to midsize law firms and is intended to help improve your costs and productivity, especially for remote or hybrid companies. This Microsoft technology is used to create a virtualized desktop, enabling users to access Windows remotely from any of their devices, giving employees the freedom to access their desktop and software suite from any location, at any time.*

Main advantages of Azure Virtual Desktop

Traditionally, virtual desktop solutions may have been challenging for organizations to set up and manage because of the cost and complexity. However, the development of AVD has helped to improve the ease and affordability of virtual desktops, bringing many advantages to companies and its users.

  • Simple deployment and scale on-demand

Partnering with an IT provider such as TELUS Fully Managed, can help you to facilitate the setup, configuration and management of the virtual desktop. The system limits the need for infrastructure necessary to run and manage a virtual workforce and it can be easily scaled up or down to meet the needs of your business.

  • Efficiency and flexibility

AVD’s technologies can help create structural freedom and help you to increase workplace flexibility, allowing employees to remotely complete their work, and help improve productivity.

  • Optimized user experience

The remote connection application offers a superior virtualized experience, within the only solution that is fully optimized for Windows 10, Microsoft 365, Windows Server desktop and application virtualization, for any devices from any internet-connected location. It also has the ability to enable remote app streaming for employees and customers. It offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and Microsoft Teams, so employees can enjoy the same benefits they expect from desktop experiences.

  • Improved cybersecurity

Microsoft takes cybersecurity seriously. Azure has many compliance certifications, backed by its USD 1 billion annual investment in cybersecurity research and development. The platform includes built-in Azure security capabilities and is integrated with the security and management of Microsoft 365.

  • Usage-based payments can result in higher Return On Investment (ROI)

The 2021 Forrester study* "The total economic impact of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop" shows that companies can have up to 210 percent return on investment and a pay-back in three months. With Azure Virtual Desktop you can often save by using existing licences, leveraging a cloud-based VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to pay only for what your firm uses‌ and modernizing the infrastructure using the products that are already in the toolkit.

AVD can help you to impact your bottom line by minimizing infrastructure costs and reducing your reliance on expensive desktop computers. Additionally, centralization, as opposed to many hardware pieces, can help to mitigate costs when updates and necessary maintenance are required.

How TELUS Business can help

TELUS Fully Managed is a Microsoft-certified Solutions Partner and can help maximize the efficiency of your workforce, add layers of security, save your organization money and much more.

One of the easiest ways to implement, maintain‌ and ensure your virtual desktop technology reaches its potential, is with the help of a professional IT managed services. Our team can provide a cloud strategy that takes all your firm’s needs into account.

Request a callback to learn more about how your company can benefit from Managed IT services, including Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Desktop.

*Information found on page 2 of the Owen Labs State of Remote Work study.

*Connectivity subject to internet availability in your area.

*Information found on page 6 of the 2021 Forester Study: The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop