Smart Social

Developed in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Smart Social is intended to help youth stay safe online and be smart on social media. This campaign addresses common issues youth deal with today, like cyberbullying, sexting and screen time, and offers tips on how to safely navigate our digital world.

Participate in Smart Social

Campaign materials are available free-of-charge and consist of six bilingual posters. Educators and School Resource Officers are encouraged to order and display these posters to join us in our efforts to help promote online safety.

Request posters for your school

Access the link below and complete the order form to receive free posters* to display at your school or in your classroom. *While supplies last.

Smart Social tips

Poster #1: End the culture of forwarding intimate images

Whether you call them sexts, nudes, naked selfies or just pics, if you receive an intimate image of someone else, remember there is no good excuse for sharing it with other people.

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Poster #2: #EndBullying

Did you know? 42% of Canadian youth have experienced cyberbullying at least once in the past 4 weeks. Let’s work together to #EndBullying.

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Poster #3: Protect your privacy

Posting personal information like your full date of birth, address and phone number online can put you at greater risk of identity theft and fraud.

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Poster #4: Keep your passwords strong and secure

Reduce the chance of having your accounts hacked by setting strong passwords, using unique passwords for different accounts, and keeping passwords private.

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Poster #5: Don’t be a bystander

If you witness cyberbullying, there is always something that you can do to help. It’s up to all of us to help create a safer, friendlier digital space for everyone.

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Poster #6: Manage your screen time

Did you know? Digital media use can start to cause negative effects after only two hours. Always use screens mindfully, as an activity you choose, rather than something that you do out of habit.

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Tips for staying safe online

The information provided on is intended as general information only, not as advice. Readers should assess all information in light of their own circumstances and consider all relevant factors.