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Privacy and security

QR codes and privacy: What you need to know

How does a technology created 28 years ago all of the sudden have a major renaissance? With the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless became a way to stay healthy.…

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Social media

#InfluencersVsReality: How influencers impact youth

How can parents emphasize the positive impact influencers can have on youth while highlighting the reality of the content they post? Read on for #TELUSWise…

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Online safety

TELUS Wise online basics

Know someone who is new to using digital technology? Check out TELUS Wise online basics.

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Fraud and scams

Biometric authentication: verifying your identity

March is #FraudPreventionMonth. Check out this #TELUSWise article on biometric authentication - how it works, why you should use it, and how it can better…

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