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Easily transport information between data centers and your locations, with ultra-fast, dedicated bandwidth for long-haul circuits.

As cloud service providers' central data centers continue to grow, so does the need to transport, process and protect that information travelling between data centers and your locations. With TELUS next-generation wavelength services, this low-latency, dedicated bandwidth can connect those sites with optical networking up to 100 Gbps nationally, regionally and cross-border.

  • Cost-effective solution for critical data transport

  • Low latency, secure, dedicated fibre optic service

  • Protection and resiliency for long-haul circuits

Key Features

  • Bandwidth speeds 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps

  • Mesh restoration option (OTN core) of 1 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 10 Gbps

  • Mesh restoration option (OTN core) with 99.95% availability (Service Level Agreement)


Long-haul routes available nationally, regionally and cross-border with diverse options for increased redundancy


Bandwidth speeds of 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps - with 400 Gbps capabilities coming soon

Core Options

Unprotected or mesh-protected core options are available. TELUS is the first carrier to offer OTN mesh restoration services in Canada.

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