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PIC'd Long Distance

The TELUS PIC’d Long-distance Service supports provisioning of long-distance lines and direct-dialed voice calls within Canada, to the United States, or overseas. Available across Canada, this service provides resellers with the long-distance features and capabilities they need to meet their customers' needs.

The TELUS PIC’d Long-distance Service is designed specifically to address the unique characteristics and requirements of the reseller market.

Provisioning: Timely provisioning of long-distance service to resellers, enabling them to offer service to new end customers with minimal delay.

Delivery: Timely delivery of service features such as mechanized order entry and call detail, so resellers can effectively manage their customer base and maximize their cash flow.

Competitiveness: Competitive rates based on minute volumes and contract term, so resellers can offer more attractive rates to their end customers.

Requirement for service: All resellers must be registered with the CRTC to benefit from this service.

Key Benefits

  • Timely provisioning

  • Timely delivery of service features

  • Competitive rates

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