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Transmit voice and data simultaneously while reducing hardware costs. TELUS' Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) solution carries voice, video and data easily and reliably. Consider ISDN services to enhance efficiency, improve the cost-effectiveness of your company’s communications network and equipment, and make use of advanced capabilities.

TELUS' ISDN-PRI Service is designed to grow with your business. As your capacity needs increase, the TELUS ISDN-PRI service can accommodate the changes economically and efficiently. It offers many optional traffic management and call routing features to satisfy even the most complex applications. Our experienced network designers will optimize your PRI installation to ensure you enjoy the most effective, cost-efficient service possible.

The TELUS ISDN-PRI solution uses DS-1 accesses (1.544 Mbps each) to carry 64-Kbps channels (23 or 24 channels on each DS-1) to connect your equipment to the public telephone network. Each channel can be used for voice, data or video at any time, and channels can be combined on demand to deliver higher bandwidth.

Let us show you how TELUS ISDN-PRI can catalyze your company’s performance.

  • Lower costs

  • Enhance clarity

  • Increase accuracy

Key Features

  • 10-25% more efficient than traditional analog services

  • Replace as many as 24 analog cards with one digital card

  • Make calls and send faxes, even when you're online

Key Benefits

  • Save money on the cost of individual dedicated circuits

  • Reduce noise with clear digital transmission for voice and data communications

  • Reduce data transmission errors with an end-to-end digital circuit

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