Our Network

TELUS provides a comprehensive set of end-customer and core network carrier-grade connections which extend throughout Canada, the U.S. and worldwide.

It's official. We're the fastest mobile network in the world.

At a time when connections matter most, our Canadian networks are keeping us informed, connected and working. We have the fastest global download speeds according to the UK based Opensignal and our 4G network has the fastest national average speed in North America according to the US based PCMag.

5G has arrived on Canada's most awarded network.

With 5G capabilities, we're building on our award-winning network to bring our customers better speeds, capacity and responsiveness.


5G will deliver connection speeds up to 100 times faster in the future.


5G will eventually support up to one million devices per square kilometre in a growing number of markets.

High responsiveness

5G will bring near instantaneous responsiveness over time. This will enable applications such as remote surgery, autonomous cars and more.

Our network maps

Our coast-to-coast network is reliable, giving you the confidence you need.

Did you know?

$240 Billion

Is what TELUS has invested in network infrastructure since 2000 and has committed to investing another $40B over the next three years in critical technology to support the roll out of 5G networks.


Our coast-to-coast 4G LTE network covers 99% of Canada's population, with LTE advanced (LTE-A) technology covering more than 93% of Canada's population.

Amazing network. It sets us apart.

The experts have spoken. Our award winning network is #1 in upload and download speeds, as well as in network quality performance and best coverage across Canada.

Top Wireless Network Quality in Western Canada and tied for first in Ontario

The fastest mobile network in Canada for the fifth consecutive year

Recognized for best video experience, speed, games and coverage experience

Best mobile experience provider in Canada

TELUS recognized as Canada’s fastest Internet provider for 2nd consecutive year

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