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With the TELUS Health MyPet app, you can book a video consultation with a pet expert without leaving the comfort of home.1
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Booking your virtual consultation in the app is simple and easy to do.


Choose a consultation time that best suits your schedule, including evenings and weekends.2


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With our insurance partner, the stress of surprise costs is covered so you can focus on what matters most.

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If your veterinarian or vet tech determines within the first few minutes of your consultation that your pet needs immediate in-person care, you will be fully refunded the cost of your virtual consultation.

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Download TELUS Health MyPet in the Apple Store or Google Play Store so you have access whenever you need it.3

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Register for a free account, create your pet’s profile and book your preferred consultation with a vet or vet tech.1

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Get expert advice for your pet’s health without leaving the comfort of home.

TELUS’s commitment to social purpose

TELUS has donated over $1.4 million to the BC SPCA since 2000 to support animals in our community.

Our Services

TELUS Health MyPet offers virtual consultations with veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians (vet techs).
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See a Vet Tech

Wellbeing consultations

Book a wellbeing consultation to see a vet tech. Vet techs can assist with behavioural and health maintenance concerns such as housetraining, grooming, nutrition, and post-surgical care. Vet techs cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications. If you are concerned about new symptoms, or suspect your pet may need medication or an adjustment to a current medication, please book a healthcare consultation with a vet.

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See a veterinarian

Healthcare consultations

To see a veterinarian, book a healthcare consultation in the app. Veterinarians can do everything vet techs can do, plus they can assess your pet’s health, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, and develop treatment plans.

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Download TELUS Health MyPet to access quality pet healthcare without leaving the comfort of home.2
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Healthcare consultation with a veterinarian


Wellbeing consultation with a vet tech

25% off with our introductory offer5
If your veterinarian or vet tech determines within the first few minutes of your consultation that your pet needs immediate in-person care, you will be fully refunded the cost of your virtual consultation.

Get an online appointment right now

Need behavioural, wellness, or nutrition advice for your cat or dog? Book an online consultation with the veterinarian team.1 The TELUS Health MyPet veterinarians practising in British Columbia are working in affiliation with Little Paws Animal Clinic in Richmond, B.C.

Your pet is in good hands

The majority of pet concerns can be resolved via a virtual consultation without the need for an in-person veterinary visit.6
How we can help:
Medical Diagnosis (not available for wellbeing consults)
Prescribing Medication (not available for wellbeing consults)
Weight Management *
Training (Potty, Basic Obedience)
Behavioral Advice
Nutritional Information (Stomach upset *)
Grooming Advice
Guidance on prescription side effects *
Post op care *
Life Stage care
Preventative and wellness discussions
Allergies *
Minor Infections *
What we can’t do:
In-person examinations
Emergency consultations
Dental or preventative procedures
Surgical procedures
* Vet Tech will need to refer you to a veterinarian if your pet requires a medical diagnosis, medication(s) or caloric intake adjustments.

Trupanion pets live longer and healthier lives7

Despite our best efforts, our pets can still get sick or injured unexpectedly. TELUS Health MyPet and Trupanion provide you peace of mind by alleviating the stress of surprise costs. Waive the enrollment fee once you sign up and enjoy the benefit of having both on your side. Trupanion waives its enrolment fee for TELUS Health MyPet customers.8

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