How can virtual veterinary care help my pet?

From nutrition to behaviour to tele-triage support. MyPet vets and vet technicians are ready to help. Not sure virtual care is right for your pet? Try us risk free.1
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Until July 31, 2024, enjoy 20% off your cat or dog’s preventative prescriptions when they see a MyPet vet.2

Try us risk-free

If your veterinarian determines within the first few minutes of your consultation that your pet needs immediate in-person care, you will be fully refunded the cost of your virtual consultation.

No question is too small when it comes to your pet

See how dog and cat owners use the TELUS Health MyPet app to get prescriptions, expert advice and convenient appointments.3

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Prescription delivery

You can get medications prescribed by a MyPet virtual vet on the app and delivered 
to your door.4

Eyes, ears and skin

MyPet virtual vets can help with minor injuries and infections. If immediate in-person care is advised, you'll be refunded the cost of your appointment.5

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Weight and nutrition

Get expert weight management and feeding support from a vet technician.

Dental hygiene

Help prevent serious illnesses and reduce pet bills with good dental care. Ask a vet technician about dental hygiene advice.

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Step 1

Download TELUS Health MyPet in the Apple Store or Google Play Store so you have access whenever you need it.6

Step 2

Register for a free account, create your pet’s profile and book your preferred consultation with a vet or vet technician.1

Step 3

Get expert advice for your pet’s health without leaving the comfort of home.

TELUS’s commitment to social purpose

TELUS has donated over $1.4 million to the BC SPCA since 2000 to support animals in our community.

Our Services

TELUS Health MyPet offers virtual consultations for cats and dogs with veterinarians and vet technicians.
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Vet technician consultations

From advice to help prevent dental disease to addressing behavioural and training concerns as well as nutritional care, our vet technicians have you covered. Your pet’s health matters - book a vet technician consultation through the TELUS Health MyPet app.

Vet technicians cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications. If your pet has new symptoms or you suspect your pet needs medication, please book a vet consultation.
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Veterinary consultations

Our experienced veterinarians can diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, and create personalized treatment plans, all through the TELUS Health MyPet app. Whether it's skin, eye, or ear allergies, minor wounds, or gastrointestinal problems, our vets are here to help. Book a vet consultation today.

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Download TELUS Health MyPet to access quality pet healthcare without leaving the comfort of home.3
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Vet consultation
Vet technician consultation
If your veterinarian or vet technician determines within the first few minutes of your consultation that your pet needs immediate in-person care, you will be fully refunded the cost of your virtual consultation.

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The TELUS Health MyPet veterinarians practicing in British Columbia are working in affiliation with Little Paws Animal Clinic in Richmond, B.C.

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