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For Canadian pharmacies outside of Québec

Kroll™ Pharmacy Management Solution

Benefit from an efficient, innovative and user-friendly pharmacy management solution (PMS) which can evolve with your needs. Kroll™ is a robust solution, used by chains, banners, independent pharmacists and other specialized clinical settings for more than 30 years.

Provide personalized service

Take advantage of an automated dispensing workflow including audit trails and reporting to help free up pharmacists’ time for patient consultations.

Help streamline your operations

Configure Kroll™ to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy. Help improve patient, doctor and payer management activities, and leverage shortcuts for the most frequent steps.

Help promote patient safety

Help reduce the potential for dispensing errors with built-in adverse drug event detection, support for allergies and medical conditions, barcode scan verification and more.


Kroll™ helps pharmacists optimize operations and enhance customer experience. Improve your processes with features such as Rx filling (patient, drug, doctor, and SIG), adjudication, label printing, inventory, accounts receivable, extensive reporting, audit trails, a wide-ranging SQL database and more, all based on an intuitive Windows design.


Patient management

  • Customize alerts for medication assessments and reviews, and set reminders for patient follow-ups
  • Track and chart patient data such as immunizations, vitals statistic charting, patient counseling history and other professional services
  • Group patients based on custom criteria for easy reporting, retain historical interactions between patients and the pharmacy, and more
  • Scan and save documents in the patient’s record


Drug management

  • Search for drugs by DIN, brand or generic name and UPC
  • Consult detailed drug records in an up-to-date, built-in database including pictures and patient education monographs
  • Manage on-hand drug inventory and ordering, including strengths, forms, pack sizes and minimum order values, and benefit from electronic ordering and receiving of inventory
  • Generate in-depth reports to monitor quantities on-hand and to track receiving, handling and dispensing activities
  • Configure permissions for ordering and handling based on employee or role
  • Scan and save documents in the drug’s record


Prescription dispensing

  • View patient, drug, and doctor information from a single colour-coded dispensing screen
  • Consult on-screen alerts to help capture key data and to properly follow all steps in the dispensing workflow, which can help reduce prescription errors
  • Provide patient counselling for each medication by leveraging the built-in drug database
  • Create and manage custom drug mixtures with unique components, instructions, as well as expiration and billing information


Doctor’s information management

  • Scan and save images of doctors’ signatures for future prescription validation
  • Group doctors together by clinic, location or specialty for easy reporting
  • Capture doctor-specific notes and topics
  • Create multiple addresses per doctor
  • View doctor modification history at a glance
  • Scan and save documents in the doctor’s record


Pharmacy operations management

  • Measure personnel workload and monitor dispensing progress by consulting the intuitive operations dashboard, which provides key performance data and alerts
  • Leverage custom dispensing workflows that can help improve pharmacy personnel roles and assignments, with a view of freeing up pharmacists’ time for patient consultations
  • Generate detailed reports regarding profitability, inventory management and other key operating details
  • Manage patient medication pick-ups including bin management, complete with detailed reporting to support patient compliance and help minimize return to stock scenarios


Drug information system integrations

Kroll™ integrates and is compliant with provincial drug information systems. This allows pharmacists to leverage the provincial patient profiles and provider registries in order to have a comprehensive view of their patient’s drug and demographic information.


See what people are saying about Kroll™

At TELUS Health we believe in transparency. Our testimonials come from actual clients who have used our products and are willing to share their experiences.

"What I enjoy most about Kroll™ is its ease of use, convenience and pharmacy management functionalities. That’s why I would recommend it to other pharmacists."

Tyler Cronk

Owner and pharmacist, Pharmasave


Here’s what Kroll™ can do for you

Simplify employee onboarding

Benefit from a well-known and established solution. Many Canadian universities and colleges use Kroll™ to teach tomorrow’s pharmacists and technicians. Even if an employee is new to Kroll™, it’s intuitive and easy to learn.

Count on a tried and tested solution

With over 30 years of experience providing customer satisfaction, Kroll™ is a robust solution. Its rich set of features can be configured to meet many of your pharmacy’s needs.

Stay ahead of the curve

Take advantage of a pharmacy management solution that’s constantly evolving to support the changing needs of pharmacists and their patients. Feedback from our large client base gives us the insights to constantly improve.


Tutorial videos to make the most of your PMS

Gain efficiencies with electronic document storage and digital faxing webinar

Discover simple ways to help optimize your file management and save physical storage space. This webinar demonstrates the benefits of paperless workflow and Kroll™ OffsiteRx and FaxRx capabilities.

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Enhance Kroll™ with add-on services

Mobile and online service for your patients

Let your patients consult their medication file and order refills at their convenience.

Streamline front store management processes

Simplify and synchronize daily tasks across stores and labs with an integrated POS and inventory solution that automates labour-intensive processes.

Discover how to make a simple transition to Kroll™

Free webinar: Improve your workflow with Kroll™ digital signature capture

Learn how to improve pharmacy workflow, capture electronic signatures, reduce your need for storage space and gain efficiencies with Kroll™.

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Get training materials, videos, user guides and policy documentation in one place.

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