A web-based, advanced EMR

Medesync EMR

Designed by a physician for physicians and specialists, Medesync is a web-based, modern EMR solution. Get a bilingual, comprehensive practice management solution that’s fast, easy-to-use, and can be customized to meet your practice’s requirements.

Flexible and easy to use

Whether you are a family physician, specialist, health professional or clinic staff member, customize your EMR to help meet your practice needs and simplify information processing with this user-friendly solution.

Fast and robust

Get a solution you can count on. On average, Medesync responds to requests in 1 second and has a 99.97% up-time rate, so you can keep your clinic running and work efficiently.

Stay connected

As a web-based solution, Medesync allows you to stay connected to your clinic and your patients anywhere you have an Internet connection or through the EMR mobile app – in the office or on the go.

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We’re committed to using our technology for good. The Old Brewery Mission Mobile Health Clinic, powered by TELUS Health, offers health care to Montrealers in need, with the support of Medesync EMR.


Here’s what Medesync can do for you

A customizable EMR

Tailored to your needs: Support your practice by easily customizing your patient summary, clinical notes and creating your own electronic forms.

Simplify your process: Save time with built-in templates to pre-populate forms, clinical notes, prescriptions, bills, and more.

Say goodbye to duplicates

Manage patient information: Reduce duplicate records and errors by retrieving patient name and information directly from the RAMQ database with their health insurance card number, and use supplementary fields to capture additional patient information to support searches.

Increase productivity: Accelerate appointment creation with pre-populated information from the RAMQ database.

Optimize scheduling

Single screen view: Customize your calendar display and access agendas for each clinician on the same screen.

Enhance practice efficiency: Quickly book appointments using the intelligent search feature to find available slots, automatically transfer patients from the waitlist and send appointment booking confirmations.

Enhance clinical note-taking

Consult a patient’s summary, capture notes, add pictures, prescribe and fill out forms - all in a single screen.

Multiple methods: Capture clinical notes via keyboard, shortcuts, voice recognition or electronic forms, plus add images and annotations.

Peer forms: Download, customize and share more than 3,500 electronic forms created by Medesync community members.

Electronic faxing: Transmit faxes automatically to referring doctors or pharmacists from the form with a simple click.

Obstetrical module included

Extended data capture: Complete obstetrical visits with unlimited details that can also be printed, mimicking MSSS forms.

Catered to your needs: Get an automatic calculation of due dates and easily refer to patient history of previous pregnancies.

Stay on top of vaccines

Quickly access clinical reminders view to plan upcoming vaccines for your patients.

Follow PIQ (Protocole d’Immunisation du Québec) standards .

Consult patient vaccine profiles including adverse reactions from Quebec Vaccination Registry - from your EMR .

Add vaccines in the patient chart and the provincial registry in a single step.

One of the very few EMRs certified by the MSSS and integrated to the Quebec Vaccination Registry (SI-PMI).

Manage revenues with integrated billing

Bill directly to RAMQ: Save time, reduce the risk of errors and maximize your revenues by transmitting billing information electronically directly to RAMQ.

Six partners: Choose from one of our six partners who offer billing solutions and manage your revenues.


Get more from your EMR

Enhancing Physician and Pharmacist collaboration with eRenewal

Discover how pharmacists and physicians are streamlining the prescription renewal process with eRenewal directly from their EMR.

Watch videos and learn more

Enhance Medesync with EMR add-on services

Provider-to-provider communications

From your EMR, exchange and store unlimited digital and eFax communications with healthcare professionals outside your clinic for continuity of care.

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

Easily conduct video visits, access health information and update patient health records simultaneously, right from your EMR.

Move your data to TELUS Health with confidence.


Training and learning programs made for you

One size does not fit all. Benefit from customized training tailored to your clinic and workflow needs or standardized learning through our user webinars and events.

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Your source for digital healthcare insights and innovation.


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