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Designed for primary care physicians and
, Med Access is a highly configurable EMR that adapts to your clinic, user and workflow needs. This fast, web-based solution offers robust reporting, powerful task management, point-of-care decision support and convenient remote access.

Informed patient care

View patient history and data on a single screen and make informed treatment decisions with interactive graphs, flow sheets to track tests, review lab results and establish patient trends.

Workflow efficiency

Increase workflow speed and minimize data entry with built-in dashboards and encounter templates that can be customized to your user roles and clinic needs.

Remote EMR access

Built on a web-based platform, conveniently connect to your Med Access EMR and access clinical information anywhere you have an Internet connection – in the clinic or on the go.
Valued by specialists, family physicians and allied health professionals since 2002, Med Access is the most widely available EMR in Canada and can be deployed in a wide range of settings.

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“The ability to customize the user experience and workflow is incredible. Each of us interacts with patients in our own way, and the EMR needs to be a partner in that process.”
Dr. Leo K.H. Wong
Dr. Leo K.H. Wong
Family Physician (Langley, British Columbia)

Here’s what Med Access can do for you

Personalize workflows

Tailor Med Access to your custom workflow needs with built-in clinical templates to streamline paperwork, such as referral letters and prescriptions.

Comprehensive clinic management solution

Reduce costs with a comprehensive clinic management solution, offering integrated scheduling and billing, built-in electronic prescription capabilities, e-Referral management, e-Faxing, customizable search options and group care.

Make informed decisions

Access intelligent dashboards to help identify patients at risk of chronic diseases and those impacted by medication recalls, and engage patients in their overall health through goal-setting.

Enhance Med Access with EMR add-on services

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

Easily conduct video visits, access health information and update patient health records simultaneously, right from your EMR.

Patient portal

Stay connected to patients with group messaging, online appointment booking, and patient cohort broadcasting through a web-based, customizable portal.

Move your data to TELUS Health with confidence.

Training and learning programs made for you

One size does not fit all. Benefit from customized training tailored to your clinic needs or standardized learning through user webinars and group masterclass events.

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