Treat your patients remotely

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit is an encrypted, EMR-integrated solution that enables a seamless workflow, minimizes task redundancy, and preserves continuity of care and documentation within your existing TELUS EMR.

Easily conduct virtual visits right from your EMR.

Book appointments and initiate scheduled video visits with live chat right from your EMR, conduct video calls, review patient records and take notes simultaneously.

Provide remote primary patient care.

Reduce exposure to risk for both you and your patients by offering patients quick and easy access - all they have to do is click on the link.

Ensure patient confidentiality and data integrity.

Protect patient privacy with encrypted conversations and video transmissions and preserve documentation within a single source.


TELUS EMR Virtual Visit in action

EMR Virtual Visit demo for Med Access

Healthcare providers can easily conduct video visits, access health information and update patient health records simultaneously - right from their Med Access EMR.

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Here’s what EMR Virtual Visit can do for you

Enables a seamless workflow

Embedded into your EMR, TELUS EMR Virtual Visit works within your regular workflow. Virtual visits are booked similar to in-clinic appointments. Conduct video calls, review charts and take notes at the same time, without switching between tools.

Accessible from any device

Launch TELUS EMR Virtual Visit anytime, anywhere from a computer with a camera, or with EMR Mobile on your smartphone or tablet.

Provide high-quality care remotely

More personal than a phone call, TELUS EMR Virtual Visit lets you observe patients’ breathing patterns, body language and physical appearance. Use it to help fast-track or triage patients.

Protects everyone’s privacy

Virtual visit transmissions are encrypted using industry-recognized protocols. No personal data, like contact or login information, is displayed or remains on the device. Patients receive an email with a link for easy, one-click access.

Enhance your EMR with add-on services

EMR access on the go

Remotely connect to your EMR from a mobile device to access patient files, upload photos directly to patient charts, and more.

Provider-to-provider communications

From your EMR, exchange and store unlimited digital and eFax communications with healthcare professionals outside your clinic for continuity of care.

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